#182 Contest at HarryNowell.com

A few weeks ago I mentioned a photo contest at the blog of HarryNowell.com

Do not send any photos! This is a set of photo skill testing questions based on Iceland. A winner will be drawn from a collection of appropriate answers. The prize? A free live critique session in central Ottawa, Canada or an email based critique session for the rest of the world.

The questions:

  1. Describe the technique, lens & shutter speed used to capture this Reykjavik home:Iceland house
  2. Where in Iceland would you go to photograph spectacular waterfalls?Iceland waterfalls  Iceland Waterfalls
  3. Are there opportunities in Iceland to photograph spectacular bird life?

A winner will be picked from reasonably correct answers in early January. See our Iceland photo report from our Exposed! Newsletters. Also see Icelandic blog posts 104-109.

Interested in an Icelandic Photo Safari? Stay tuned…


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