#1044 – Online Photo Program – Black & White Environmental Portraits

Online Photo Program - © Al Garner

Online Photo Program – © Al Garner

We had a good crop of member photos from this month’s online photo challenge.

As usual, we set a photo challenge every month and we feed tips, links and videos throughout the month as members do their best to produce photos for the monthly critique.

Online Photo Class - © Barb McK.

Online Photo Class – © Barb McK.

This month we offered a DOUBLE challenge:
1. Environmental Portraits – photos of someone working/living in their natural environment.
2. Member photos had to be in Black & White – either converted in post processing or shot on film.

The private Facebook forum buzzed as members posted photos, offered criticism, ideas and encouragement.

Online Photo Program - © Gilles G.

Online Photo Program – © Gilles G.

The whole process helps photographers grow. Comments this month:

• “I had lots of fun this month. I wasn’t too confident coming into this month’s challenge.  After posting my three pictures on the Facebook forum and receiving such helpful and positive feedback, I felt much better.  What a great community!

Online Photo Course - © Brooke B.

Online Photo Course – © Brooke B.

• “There is zero chance that I would have taken these shots without the online photography program. I think the monthly assignments are starting to have a cumulative effect and my photography is steadily improving. I think I get the biggest bang for my buck from the online program. Keep it coming!

Online photography feedback

Online Photo Course – © April L.

• “I have been learning for over 6 months through one-on-one Creative Fundamental course, Lightroom course and the On-line Program which I absolutely love.

These courses combined, have taken my photography to a whole new level. I have learned so much and I have a much better appreciation to the complexities and creative side to photography and, I am having so much fun.
Thanks so much Harry.  I am still learning and I will be for a long time.  You are an exceptional teacher.“Good work this month, members!

Want better photos?
Join us!

Online photography forum

Online Photo Program – © Cheryl K


Online Photography Course - © Morina R.

Online Photography Course – © Morina R.

#1039 Online Photo Program – Post Processing Challenge

In December we offered Online Photo Program members a “before & after” challenge.

We asked them to capture photos in JPEG format and process their photo into something even better!

post processing online photo challenge

© MichelleB – Original Capture

It’s a tough challenge with many software platforms from which to choose!
Many people use post processing to tweak photos or correct mistakes (ahem, that should be fixed at time of shooting.)

We encouraged students to do more!

And challenge them it did:
Yet another great challenge Harry.  You have a knack for getting us out of our comfort zone. 

I have learned a bunch and there are lots of resources, but your direction is priceless to get things going in the right direction.

This month members are almost half way through their challenge of black & white environmental portraits – a challenge on two levels:
• creating portraits of people in their normal surroundings
• producing the portrait as a B&W final photo!

Join the fun soon and you’ll get access to January’s challenge for free!

online photo challenge

© Michelle B Final Processed Photo

#1030 Special Deal on the Online Photo Challenge

In light of the festive season where many people are challenged to find meaningful gifts we offer you a special deal on our Online Photo Program.


Limited Time Special Offer
We’re offering a special deal to help you buy a worthwhile gift while saving you some $money.
• Six month membership is normally $195 + HST.
• Until Saturday December 14th, we’re offering six months for only $160 + HST.
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Online photo class

Online Photo Challenge – “Straight from the Camera” – © Alan Garner

What’s so good about our online class?
Well… Let me count the ways:
1. Challenge!
Each new monthly challenge offers photographers a reason to practice and grow.
2. It’s interactive!
Every month we present material, you submit photos, I offer critique and EVERYbody has the opportunity to share on the Private Facebook group!
3. New content every week.
We send an email linking to new content four times each month. Most regular courses last one to eight weeks after which many people’s passions dwindle. Our online program keeps you engaged every week!
4. Better Photos
Yes, your photos will improve.
Erm, I should add it’ll take some effort on YOUR part but we provide a platform that supports your growth in a fun, interactive and supportive way.
[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

Better Photos

Better Photos through our Online Program – © Maisie Ismail

5. It’s cheap!
Cheap like inexpensive, not cheap like crappy!
The normal price works out to $32.50/month. With this special offer it’s even cheaper!
6. Get inspired 
There are many members with amazing work.
There are many members grappling with he same challenges that you are, photographically!
On both the program and the interactive, private Facebook forum you will find people to help, inspire and support you!
7. It’s fun!
Yes, it is.
8. There’s a crazy guarantee
If, in the first month, you decide you don’t like it we offer a money back guarantee.

Last month we offered a “Straight from the Camera” challenge. It was designed to help photographers develop better in-camera photos so as not to rely on post processing to fix mistakes.

Online photo program

Online Photo Challenge – learn to properly make whites white in the camera! © Gilles Gagnon

Members said:
I realized just how challenging it is to take one’s time in order to get it right.   This month has provided me with an even greater appreciation for the craft. Thanks for the great challenge!” MI

Thanks again for helping me learn more about photography!” CS

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#1029 People’s Choice Award Winner

We opened our doors to the fourth annual Studio Open House at Ottawa Studio Works.

We offered:
• New works from our Watershed series created with our Large Format Camera.
• Winter and spring workshops
• An exhibition of student photos selected by jury.

Lareg format photography

Open House – Ottawa Studio Works

Student Photo Show
One visitor asked “Who shot these photos?”
Harry – “Our photo workshop students.”
Visitor – “But they’re good.”
Harry – “Exactly.

STudent success

Open House at the photo studio – People’s Choice second place is awarded to Julius Liptak’s “Cuban Patriot” – featured here!

People’s Choice Award!
For the student show we asked visitors to vote for their favourite photo. By the end of the evening we had a decisive and clear winner.

Marie Josée L’s macro shot of droplets suspended on the stamen of a flower won over the Open House visitors. Her photo is the People’s Choice! And for her efforts she wins a free three month session of our Online Photo Program.

Photo success!

© MarieJoséeLeblanc – People’s Choice Award Winner!

Second place went to Julius Liptak’s Cuban Patriot (see above) and there was a very close tie for third: Al Garner’s Green Oasis, Morina Reece’s ‘Vintage’ Portrait and Cheryl Kreis’ Dogs in Flight.

Congratulations to all…

Thanks again for the fun. And thanks to our sponsors who made this show possible:

Thanks to our sponsors!

#1018 Online Photo Course – Student Successes!

Web based photo challenge

Framed! – Online Photo Course © Eryck B. – Dog is framed by focus and patio stone.

In October we ran a compositional challenge for members of our online photo program.

One of my pet peeves is messy, nasty backgrounds that pull and detract from a beautiful main subject.

Our challenge, “Framed,” was designed to help photographers make their main subjects pop!

Online Photo Program

Framed! – Online Photography Course © Liz Ruddick – Bear’s head is framed by dark green background…

Member photos made me smile!
And the program continues to create smiles:

This course has accomplished two things for me. First, it has renewed my love of photography and second it has made me a better photographer.

Web photo course

Framed! – Online Photo Course © Sara H. – White dress and black hair help separate the woman from the background. She’s also framed by the door!

I really do like the format and look forward to getting out more as it provides a purpose to taking photos with an objective/goal…and you provide very good advice and tips which everyone can benefit from.

Online Photo Course

Framed! – Online Photography Course – © Willa M – The person is framed in beautiful circle of light. The sun flare leads your eye to the main subject!

Thanks for another great challenge this month. I found myself looking for ways to frame almost everything I saw over the last few weeks!

Congratulations, everyone!
Join us for the Online Photo Program
@ HarryNowell.com.

Web photo challenge.

Framed! Online Photo Challenge © Don D. – Photographer is framed in the middle horizontal rectangle of the background. Nice silhouette!

#1017 Winner!!

Last week we offered photo tips on better self portraits.
Seems we hit a hot topic!

We also asked you to share YOUR Selfies and we promised we would post one on the blog.

Virginia sent us her Selfie below.

We liked the creative element immediately and, in the end, it was the ‘different’ and fresh perspective that won us over… and won her a three month free membership on our Online Photo Program.

Selfie Self Portrait!

Winning Selfie – © Virginia Fobert

The other entries were strong and fun. We always have a tough time choosing!
Thanks for entering.

And congratulations to Virginia!
Watch for her photo tip on PrimePhotoTips, soon!

#1016 Annual Open House – Ottawa Studio Works

Mark Your Calendars!
Our Annual Open House is coming up soon:
Saturday, November 30th.
160 Preston St, Ottawa.

Saturday, November 30th, 2013;
3-4pm Photo craft for kids (while supplies last)
4:30-5:30pm Large format camera demo
6-10 General celebrations and people’s choice award!

We’re exhibiting a selection of student photos this year!
See below for details…

Ottawa Photo Studio

Art Exhibition – Ottawa Studio Works

We’ve had a great year.
Some highlights:
First Annual Media & Celebrity Photo Contest
Online Photo Program Celebrates One Year!
Platform Series launched
• We are soon to introduce the newest photographer at OSW
• Darkroom space in development
New big camera developments
Artwork successes
Photo Classes continue to help students soar!

And this year’s Open House is dedicated to highlighting our student’s work.
That’s where YOU come in!

Student Photos Wanted!
We’d like to feature YOUR work in the main studio and we’re having a juried show.
If your photo is chosen for the exhibition it will be printed and presented by our site sponsors:
• Artopix.ca
• DaveAndrews.ca
• PatrickGordonFraming.ca
You will receive a beautifully matted print of your photo after the show.








Suggested Submission Guidelines:

DEADLINE = November 16th, 2013
• maximum 450 pixels wide (Small web files please!)
• include your name in the filename
• sharp, engaging photos from 2013
• Send your photo submission with “Open House” in the subject line to Harry@HarryNowell.com.
• If chosen we will need a LARGE file size to create your print


Ottawa Photo Studio

Open House: Ottawa Studio Works

We’ll be raising money and food for the West Quebec SPCA.
What else is going on at the Open House?
• Cards and print sales
• Meet our newest in-house photographer
• Meet other photographers and our instructors
• Discounts on courses (available at the Open House only!)
• Ask about our soon-to-be darkroom

Photo studio Ottawa

Past Open House

Saturday, November 30th, 2013;
3-4pm Photo craft for kids (while supplies last)
4:30-5:30pm Large format camera demo
6-10 General celebrations and people’s choice award!

160 Preston St, Ottawa.

Join us…

#1014 Tips for Better Selfies + Selfie Contest!!

Selfies (self portraits) have become hot since Facebook met iPhones.

Hipsters and the more average among us are turning cameras on themselves… with varying degrees of success.

In this month’s version of Exposed! we offer tips for better Selfies.

Win a photo membership!
And this month we’re offering a free three-month Online Membership to one lucky reader who submits a selfie to us by Sunday, October 27th, 2014.

Details at the end of the Selfie Tips newsletter.

Be bold. Be brave.

Win an Online program!

Self portrait tips

Selfies – top tips for better selfies

#1013 New Photo Class – DIY Simple Studio Lighting

Our winter and spring photo courses are coming online. In January we’re offering a variation of a challenge we offered last winter to our Online Photo Program: Simple Studio Lighting.

Studio Lighting Made Easy!
For most people, studio lighting is prohibitively complex and expensive.
it doesn’t need to be!

We help you use tools you already have to create creative shots like the ones below.

Photo Class - Studio Lighting

Simple Studio Lighting – Learn creative Lighting Techniques with Simple Tools

Join us as we explore techniques and everyday tools to produce stunning imagery. We share techniques to use flashlights, store-bought lamps, obsolete camera flash and LED light sources to transform your creative ideas into beautiful pictures!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014 ; 6-9pm
Saturday, January 11th, 2014; 10-4pm
Thursday, January 16th, 2014 ; 6-9pm

Workshop is held in central Ottawa at Ottawa Studio Works.

$350 + applicable taxes

Register now!

studio lighting - DIY

Simple Studio Lighting – Learn to create beautiful photos with lights you already have.

#1007 Online Program September’s Photo Challenge

photo challenge

Online Photo Program © Maisie I. Light Variations

In August we asked our members to shoot things from a different perspective.

Last month we offered a new challenge to members of the Online Photo Program – one to get them thinking about different light variations to help them go from an ok photo to something stunning!

Members were urged to shoot a scene in different ways (with guidance) to achieve photos like they’d never shot before! Tips and techniques were offered to help with starbursts, night shooting, star trails, sunsets, light painting as well as daytime shooting.

Results were awesome!

online photo challenge

Light Variations – Online photo Challenge – © Gilles Gagnes

Some comments, this month, about the program:

Yes, I am totally hooked…

I learned a tremendous amount and it was a refresher in night photography – something I don’t often do.

I found just dealing with all of the lighting conditions extremely challenging but overall the process very rewarding. I learned a great deal about lighting and my camera.  It was alot of fun and the reading on lighting effects was fascinating.

Looking forward to your lessons in the critique and what others have produced. There was some impressive work on the forum!

Thanks Harry – I have signed up for another 6 month session. I like the challenges. It stretches my creativity.

We’re proud of the student successes. They deserve some applause!

Interested in challenging yourself with weekly support and a supportive online photo group?
Join us for the Online Photo Program!

Photo Course

Online Photo Challenge – Light Variations – © AL Garner