#1007 Online Program September’s Photo Challenge

photo challenge

Online Photo Program © Maisie I. Light Variations

In August we asked our members to shoot things from a different perspective.

Last month we offered a new challenge to members of the Online Photo Program – one to get them thinking about different light variations to help them go from an ok photo to something stunning!

Members were urged to shoot a scene in different ways (with guidance) to achieve photos like they’d never shot before! Tips and techniques were offered to help with starbursts, night shooting, star trails, sunsets, light painting as well as daytime shooting.

Results were awesome!

online photo challenge

Light Variations – Online photo Challenge – © Gilles Gagnes

Some comments, this month, about the program:

Yes, I am totally hooked…

I learned a tremendous amount and it was a refresher in night photography – something I don’t often do.

I found just dealing with all of the lighting conditions extremely challenging but overall the process very rewarding. I learned a great deal about lighting and my camera.  It was alot of fun and the reading on lighting effects was fascinating.

Looking forward to your lessons in the critique and what others have produced. There was some impressive work on the forum!

Thanks Harry – I have signed up for another 6 month session. I like the challenges. It stretches my creativity.

We’re proud of the student successes. They deserve some applause!

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Online Photo Challenge – Light Variations – © AL Garner

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