#1039 Online Photo Program – Post Processing Challenge

In December we offered Online Photo Program members a “before & after” challenge.

We asked them to capture photos in JPEG format and process their photo into something even better!

post processing online photo challenge

© MichelleB – Original Capture

It’s a tough challenge with many software platforms from which to choose!
Many people use post processing to tweak photos or correct mistakes (ahem, that should be fixed at time of shooting.)

We encouraged students to do more!

And challenge them it did:
Yet another great challenge Harry.  You have a knack for getting us out of our comfort zone. 

I have learned a bunch and there are lots of resources, but your direction is priceless to get things going in the right direction.

This month members are almost half way through their challenge of black & white environmental portraits – a challenge on two levels:
• creating portraits of people in their normal surroundings
• producing the portrait as a B&W final photo!

Join the fun soon and you’ll get access to January’s challenge for free!

online photo challenge

© Michelle B Final Processed Photo

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