#1041 La Fab Fundraiser – Art to Support Renos!

La Fab is a Chelsea Arts Centre representing many artists from the region. The centre is housed in the rectory of St Stephen’s Church.

The building needs some renovations and we’re having a fundraiser.
Visit La Fab next week to buy some fine art – at least 50% of proceeds go to the support the renovations of La Fab.

I have 4 pieces in the show including the shot below. Buy some fine art and support La Fab and the artists!

Join us…

La Fab
212, Old Chelsea road
Old Chelsea, Quebec

January 23rd from 5 pm to 7 pm
and continues until Feb. 2nd…

hockey print

Hockey photography

#1032 “Watershed” Project from the Big Camera

I’ve been working on the Watershed collection since 2001 – large beautiful prints of a little creek in Chelsea that happens to run behind our home. I’ve now followed it about 14 km with panoramic, medium and large format film equipment – capturing the very different facets of the waterway and the interrelationships with everything that it’s connected to.

It’s been a long project. Much of the work is hanging in an exhibition space at Ottawa International Airport.

Recently, as many of you know, I built an 8×10 large format camera. And I’ve started taking it out to the Watershed. It’s a lot of work – the new camera (including tripod) weighs about almost 14kg (approx 30 pounds) but the results are beautiful.

The whole point of an 8×10 camera is the beauty of enormous prints attributable to the large piece of film capturing every scrap of detail.

I’ve been using the camera in a different way. I am putting light sensitive paper (instead of traditional film) in the camera.

The ‘film’ I place in the camera is the final product that hangs on your wall.
Each photo is an original.

Also, there is NO post processing or darkroom manipulation to correct or enhance. The finished art comes straight from the camera and is a test of my camera skills and a showcase of my preferences at time of shooting.

I love it.

Interested in the art work?
Let me know…

Large format print

8×10 print – straight from the camera, literally

#1031 Kids Craft Offered Saturday, December 14th.

Our open house went very well last weekend!

So well, that we’re opening the doors next weekend (December 14th) but for only a couple of hours…
As part of our Platform Series, we’ll be offering the kid’s photo craft and showing off our large format camera.

Studio Open Hours
Saturday, December 14th; 1-3:30pm.

• Kids Craft
Kids (of all ages) will be welcome to try creating a photo craft learning about light and science and art. No equipment necessary. Kids take home their craft when they leave.
Time involved: 5-30 minutes.
Cost for craft: Minimum donation $5. Suggested family rate of $10.

• Our Large Format Cameras will be on display. Feel free to ask questions! Free.

This will be the last day to take advantage of our Online Program Special Offer!

photo craft

Adult version of the kid’s craft!

#1029 People’s Choice Award Winner

We opened our doors to the fourth annual Studio Open House at Ottawa Studio Works.

We offered:
• New works from our Watershed series created with our Large Format Camera.
• Winter and spring workshops
• An exhibition of student photos selected by jury.

Lareg format photography

Open House – Ottawa Studio Works

Student Photo Show
One visitor asked “Who shot these photos?”
Harry – “Our photo workshop students.”
Visitor – “But they’re good.”
Harry – “Exactly.

STudent success

Open House at the photo studio – People’s Choice second place is awarded to Julius Liptak’s “Cuban Patriot” – featured here!

People’s Choice Award!
For the student show we asked visitors to vote for their favourite photo. By the end of the evening we had a decisive and clear winner.

Marie Josée L’s macro shot of droplets suspended on the stamen of a flower won over the Open House visitors. Her photo is the People’s Choice! And for her efforts she wins a free three month session of our Online Photo Program.

Photo success!

© MarieJoséeLeblanc – People’s Choice Award Winner!

Second place went to Julius Liptak’s Cuban Patriot (see above) and there was a very close tie for third: Al Garner’s Green Oasis, Morina Reece’s ‘Vintage’ Portrait and Cheryl Kreis’ Dogs in Flight.

Congratulations to all…

Thanks again for the fun. And thanks to our sponsors who made this show possible:

Thanks to our sponsors!

#1028 Large Format Camera Heats Up


I’ve been shooting with the new 8×10 Large Format camera for a few weeks on two related projects:

1. Watershed
Capturing Watershed on unique 8×10 paper positives. The paper in the camera is the final artwork. Lovely and fun.

2. Sun-tracking Landscapes
I’ve been using a very old technology to track the sun in some landscapes using a different in-camera paper capture.
It’s a lovely process.
And powerful.
So powerful that the sun BURNED THROUGH THE PAPER in the camera – see below.
I love it!

Large Format photo

8×10 capture Sun Track

I’ll be showing the early results at our Open House on Saturday:
Saturday, November 30th; from 3-10pm
Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St.,

A big thanks to our students who supplied much of the show’s imagery.
And another big thanks to the businesses who helped pull the prints together:
Dave Andrews
Patrick Gordon Framing

#1024 Art for Gambia – Charity Exhibition at Ottawa Studio Works

Mark your Calendars!
We’re opening our doors to a good cause.

Terry SanCartier is bringing the art exhibition to Ottawa to support the “Run for Gambia” Fundraiser.

Artists have donated artwork for the exhibition to raise funds for the Love for Gambia charity. This is your chance to buy some artwork AND see your money support a good cause.

Terry SanCartier is also organizing a 424 km run in Gambia to raise awareness and funds.

Art Exhibition Ottawa

What is RunForGambia?

A 424 kilometre running expedition across the West African nation of The Gambia in conditions of high heat & humidity.  It will take place in June 2014.

The run starts in the rural community of Koina on The Gambia’s Eastern border with Senegal and ends in the capital city of Banjul by the Atlantic Ocean.


To raise funds to keep children alive through health education programs.

Your support helps the Nova Scotia Gambia Association (NSGA) deliver life-saving education and training programs that teach Gambian communities about HIV/AIDS, malaria, sexual health, maternal health, gender equity and human rights, youth leadership, water sanitation, and land mine safety and awareness.

Who is running?

Terry SanCartier of Ottawa-Gatineau.  He will be accompanied by a team of three gambians.

“My reason for doing this run is to draw attention to the cause.” Says Terry.  “during my run through the Gambia, I will meet people who will want to hear about why I am doing this.  I will help the NSGA spread the word about health education to small communities across the country & to raise awareness for healthier habits.”  

“Running is an activity that promotes good physical & mental health.  It shows young people what one can accomplish with hard work & commitment.  Anything is possible! Even something as crazy as running across a whole country in incredible heat & humidity!”

Join us!
160 Preston St, near Somerset.
December 5th, 2013

#1022 Open House Update – Free Photo Craft and Demo

In two weeks we are hosting our:
Our Annual Open House!

3-4pm Photo Craft for kids of all ages (while supplies last)
4:30-5:30pm Large Format Camera Demo
6-10pm General Celebrations & People’s Choice Awards
Saturday, November 30th.
160 Preston St, Ottawa.

This year we are highlighting the work of our student’s successes. Their excitement and breakthroughs keep me smiling and excited to keep teaching:

[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!” MI, Online Member

© Morina Reece - Student Success!

© Morina Reece – Student Success!

We’ll also be offering a kid’s photo-based craft from 3pm-4pm. Bring a youngster (at heart) and get them to try a hands on craft – they can bring their art home (while supplies last.) No camera needed.

Large Format Demo
We’ll be offering a demo on Large Format Cameras from 4:30-5:30pm. Come and see the simplicity and beauty of large format!

People’s Choice Award
Come and vote for your favourite student photo. One person will be celebrated at the studio based on YOUR votes. Pick your favourite, bring your friends!

Student Exhibition – Deadline has Past!!
Want to share your successes? The deadline is looming.
We’ve got many great submissions but if you want to be involved, please submit photos by Saturday, November 16th:
DEADLINE = November 16th, 2013
• maximum 450 pixels wide (Small web files please!)
• include your name in the filename
• sharp, engaging photos from 2013
• Send your photo submission with “Open House” in the subject line to Harry@HarryNowell.com.
• If chosen we will need a LARGE file size to create your print.

BIG thanks to our supporters!
Without them, this event would not be possible.
• Artopix.ca
• DaveAndrews.ca
• PatrickGordonFraming.ca
You will receive a beautifully matted print of your photo after the show.




Our Annual Open House:
• 3-4pm Photo Craft for kids of all ages (while supplies last)
• 4:30-5:30pm Large Format Camera Demo
• 6-10pm General Celebrations
Saturday, November 30th.
160 Preston St, Ottawa.

© Cheryl Kreis - Student Success!

© Cheryl Kreis – Student Success!

#1016 Annual Open House – Ottawa Studio Works

Mark Your Calendars!
Our Annual Open House is coming up soon:
Saturday, November 30th.
160 Preston St, Ottawa.

Saturday, November 30th, 2013;
3-4pm Photo craft for kids (while supplies last)
4:30-5:30pm Large format camera demo
6-10 General celebrations and people’s choice award!

We’re exhibiting a selection of student photos this year!
See below for details…

Ottawa Photo Studio

Art Exhibition – Ottawa Studio Works

We’ve had a great year.
Some highlights:
First Annual Media & Celebrity Photo Contest
Online Photo Program Celebrates One Year!
Platform Series launched
• We are soon to introduce the newest photographer at OSW
• Darkroom space in development
New big camera developments
Artwork successes
Photo Classes continue to help students soar!

And this year’s Open House is dedicated to highlighting our student’s work.
That’s where YOU come in!

Student Photos Wanted!
We’d like to feature YOUR work in the main studio and we’re having a juried show.
If your photo is chosen for the exhibition it will be printed and presented by our site sponsors:
• Artopix.ca
• DaveAndrews.ca
• PatrickGordonFraming.ca
You will receive a beautifully matted print of your photo after the show.








Suggested Submission Guidelines:

DEADLINE = November 16th, 2013
• maximum 450 pixels wide (Small web files please!)
• include your name in the filename
• sharp, engaging photos from 2013
• Send your photo submission with “Open House” in the subject line to Harry@HarryNowell.com.
• If chosen we will need a LARGE file size to create your print


Ottawa Photo Studio

Open House: Ottawa Studio Works

We’ll be raising money and food for the West Quebec SPCA.
What else is going on at the Open House?
• Cards and print sales
• Meet our newest in-house photographer
• Meet other photographers and our instructors
• Discounts on courses (available at the Open House only!)
• Ask about our soon-to-be darkroom

Photo studio Ottawa

Past Open House

Saturday, November 30th, 2013;
3-4pm Photo craft for kids (while supplies last)
4:30-5:30pm Large format camera demo
6-10 General celebrations and people’s choice award!

160 Preston St, Ottawa.

Join us…

#1004 Building a large format camera.

I’ve chatted about large format cameras before and have been shooting on medium and large format film for years for Watershed and other work.

Small Big Format
My current large format camera is a 4″x5″ Graflex Press Camera – it’s cutting edge technology from the 1930’s. It was THE camera for photojournalists back then.

In the scope of large format cameras the Graflex is small.
4×5 is massive compared modern SLR cameras. But, well, it’s not big, really big.
I want big.

Large Format Prints

Watershed Exhibition @ Ottawa International Airport – Large Format Prints

Benefits of BIG
Big is nice because it’ll allow BIG prints. Yes, yes, good, big prints can be made by modern digital cameras. I have a giga-mega pixel camera that I use commercially (and I love it.)

But what I really love is the process of BIG. It’s slow and forces you to be precise. And instead of looking at hundreds of teeny previews on the back of your camera or monitor you get to look at a few large, beautiful transparencies or negatives – the way photography was intended to be seen.


8x10 Camera

Camera Building

Building Big Cameras
I’ve been looking for an 8×10 camera and while there are hundreds/thousands out there, it seems most people refuse to part with them. New is nice but, erm, pricey.

So, after hours of internet snooping and talking to people, I decided to build one.
It’s well on it’s way, thanks to John, friend, neigbour, engineer and grade 7 classmate.

I’ve also been excited about trying two new things that haven’t been done much.
Fun and exciting for Harry.
Stay tuned.

#999 Oh, exciting…

We have a few developments coming up. They are almost ready to announce but I can’t contain myself.

Coming soon we will be offering:
• a Photoshop Seminar to help you make magical worlds out of ordinary photos. It’ll be lead by a veteran working photography with a passion for digital imaging.

• a framing seminar on how to frame artwork yourself… Coming thanks to Patrick Gordon Framing.

• a Platform Series presentation from a climbing Clark Kent (superhero and humble) – Doug Pratt Johnson as he present his solo climb of the iconic Yosemite climbing area.

Stay tuned…