#1033 Web distractions

It’s time for more of you web distractions – thanks for sending them in!

Perfect Timing – about the Lee Harvey Oswald Shooting
Thanks to Yan Huckendubler for sending us this video featuring Pullitzer Prize winning photojournalist Bob Jackson about his famous shot of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald – charged with killing President kennedy.

Social Documentary – Bedrooms from around the world
Lou Truss sent us this link to some eye-opening photos showing the variety of sleeping conditions!

Powerful Photos of 2013
We learned about this post from Victoria’s Brian Pridham. Thanks Brian!

Death of the DSLR?
We read this online article thanks to CAPIC!

• Photo Tips
Read our latest photo tips.Thanks for your contribution!

We’re always looking for photo tips and web distractionsSend us your best.

Photo tips

Photo Tips – Make a fast car seem faster by using a slow shutter speed like 1/15th of a second.

#1031 Kids Craft Offered Saturday, December 14th.

Our open house went very well last weekend!

So well, that we’re opening the doors next weekend (December 14th) but for only a couple of hours…
As part of our Platform Series, we’ll be offering the kid’s photo craft and showing off our large format camera.

Studio Open Hours
Saturday, December 14th; 1-3:30pm.

• Kids Craft
Kids (of all ages) will be welcome to try creating a photo craft learning about light and science and art. No equipment necessary. Kids take home their craft when they leave.
Time involved: 5-30 minutes.
Cost for craft: Minimum donation $5. Suggested family rate of $10.

• Our Large Format Cameras will be on display. Feel free to ask questions! Free.

This will be the last day to take advantage of our Online Program Special Offer!

photo craft

Adult version of the kid’s craft!

#1030 Special Deal on the Online Photo Challenge

In light of the festive season where many people are challenged to find meaningful gifts we offer you a special deal on our Online Photo Program.


Limited Time Special Offer
We’re offering a special deal to help you buy a worthwhile gift while saving you some $money.
• Six month membership is normally $195 + HST.
• Until Saturday December 14th, we’re offering six months for only $160 + HST.
Register now!

Online photo class

Online Photo Challenge – “Straight from the Camera” – © Alan Garner

What’s so good about our online class?
Well… Let me count the ways:
1. Challenge!
Each new monthly challenge offers photographers a reason to practice and grow.
2. It’s interactive!
Every month we present material, you submit photos, I offer critique and EVERYbody has the opportunity to share on the Private Facebook group!
3. New content every week.
We send an email linking to new content four times each month. Most regular courses last one to eight weeks after which many people’s passions dwindle. Our online program keeps you engaged every week!
4. Better Photos
Yes, your photos will improve.
Erm, I should add it’ll take some effort on YOUR part but we provide a platform that supports your growth in a fun, interactive and supportive way.
[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

Better Photos

Better Photos through our Online Program – © Maisie Ismail

5. It’s cheap!
Cheap like inexpensive, not cheap like crappy!
The normal price works out to $32.50/month. With this special offer it’s even cheaper!
6. Get inspired 
There are many members with amazing work.
There are many members grappling with he same challenges that you are, photographically!
On both the program and the interactive, private Facebook forum you will find people to help, inspire and support you!
7. It’s fun!
Yes, it is.
8. There’s a crazy guarantee
If, in the first month, you decide you don’t like it we offer a money back guarantee.

Last month we offered a “Straight from the Camera” challenge. It was designed to help photographers develop better in-camera photos so as not to rely on post processing to fix mistakes.

Online photo program

Online Photo Challenge – learn to properly make whites white in the camera! © Gilles Gagnon

Members said:
I realized just how challenging it is to take one’s time in order to get it right.   This month has provided me with an even greater appreciation for the craft. Thanks for the great challenge!” MI

Thanks again for helping me learn more about photography!” CS

Join us or have a loved one join us.
It’s easy.
Special price of $160 + HST lasts only until Saturday December 14th.
Register online right now!
Or read more details… and then join us.

#1025 Web Distractions

It’s time for more of you web distractions – thanks for sending them in!

Behind the Scenes of an Apple Photo Shoot
Jeffrey Furry sent us this link through a member “online photo program” discussion on the complexity of “getting it right straight from the camera”

Low-Tech, High Impact
Theresa Hannah shared these amazing photos she found on the web captured using low tech camera equipment. Interested? See our Simple Studio Lighting Workshop.

Social Documentary – Lost Tribes
Jackie Donaldson sent us this link of amazing photographs from around the world…

Amazing Film – not CGI!
Dino Sotos posted this amazing Volvo ad shot live – not in the computer. I admire work based on tactile photo and physical skills!

A Tip of the Hat to the Impact of Photography
Murielle Cassidy offered this news piece that shows the impact of photography or not.

• Photo Tips
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We’re always looking for photo tips and web distractionsSend us your best.

Better Pics

Photo Tips – Better Portraits

#1023 Smartphone Photography Course

Smartphone iPhone Photography Class

Smartphone Photo Class

It’s back.

Last year we offered our first smartphone photography course. People loved it:
Simple tips and complex solutions made participants smile:
• Focus techniques
• Exposure options
• Quick post processing solutions

April 6th, 2014.
$80 + HST

Photojournalist Blair Gable leads you through technical workflow and creative ideas to help you create better photos.

More details.

#1020 Web Distractions

It’s time for more of you web distractions – thanks for sending them in!

Speedy Shooting
Steve McConnery sent us this link to an amazing National geographic documentary
on capturing the speed of the cheetah.

• Disappearing Worlds
Lou Truss provided this link to an amazing collection of work.

Ansel Adams Story
Allan Cameron offered us this glimpse of the life of a master photographer.

better pics

Photo Tip – Look up!

Rebound of Stock
CAPIC posted this article on the rebound of prices and integrity of stock photography.

• Photo Tips
Read our latest photo tips.Thanks for your contribution!

We’re always looking for photo tips and web distractionsSend us your best!

#1018 Online Photo Course – Student Successes!

Web based photo challenge

Framed! – Online Photo Course © Eryck B. – Dog is framed by focus and patio stone.

In October we ran a compositional challenge for members of our online photo program.

One of my pet peeves is messy, nasty backgrounds that pull and detract from a beautiful main subject.

Our challenge, “Framed,” was designed to help photographers make their main subjects pop!

Online Photo Program

Framed! – Online Photography Course © Liz Ruddick – Bear’s head is framed by dark green background…

Member photos made me smile!
And the program continues to create smiles:

This course has accomplished two things for me. First, it has renewed my love of photography and second it has made me a better photographer.

Web photo course

Framed! – Online Photo Course © Sara H. – White dress and black hair help separate the woman from the background. She’s also framed by the door!

I really do like the format and look forward to getting out more as it provides a purpose to taking photos with an objective/goal…and you provide very good advice and tips which everyone can benefit from.

Online Photo Course

Framed! – Online Photography Course – © Willa M – The person is framed in beautiful circle of light. The sun flare leads your eye to the main subject!

Thanks for another great challenge this month. I found myself looking for ways to frame almost everything I saw over the last few weeks!

Congratulations, everyone!
Join us for the Online Photo Program
@ HarryNowell.com.

Web photo challenge.

Framed! Online Photo Challenge © Don D. – Photographer is framed in the middle horizontal rectangle of the background. Nice silhouette!

#1017 Winner!!

Last week we offered photo tips on better self portraits.
Seems we hit a hot topic!

We also asked you to share YOUR Selfies and we promised we would post one on the blog.

Virginia sent us her Selfie below.

We liked the creative element immediately and, in the end, it was the ‘different’ and fresh perspective that won us over… and won her a three month free membership on our Online Photo Program.

Selfie Self Portrait!

Winning Selfie – © Virginia Fobert

The other entries were strong and fun. We always have a tough time choosing!
Thanks for entering.

And congratulations to Virginia!
Watch for her photo tip on PrimePhotoTips, soon!

#1015 New Photo Course – Exposure Basics – Mastering Manual Mode.

Better Photos
Few things scare a novice photographer more than the words “Manual Exposure Mode.”
Join us on this short course to learn how to avoid grey snow.

Learn to shoot with more confidence in Manual Exposure Mode!

Better photos - better exposures

Whites should be white!!

Who should take this course?!
This mini course is perfect for new photographers looking to establish a solid set of skills or for the intermediate photographer looking for a refresher.You will learn:
• simple, effective tips to get consistently better exposures
• about the importance and effectivenes of histograms to evaluate your photo in the field (erm, the screen on the back of your camera is notoriously bad at evaluating exposure!)
• the basis for successfully photographing advanced lighting conditions

Histogram Tips

About the Histogram

Join us:
Saturday, January 18th, 2014; 10-1pmLocation
A central Ottawa location with lots of warm shooting potential to explore the world of exposure.

$80 + applicable taxes

Register now.

#1014 Tips for Better Selfies + Selfie Contest!!

Selfies (self portraits) have become hot since Facebook met iPhones.

Hipsters and the more average among us are turning cameras on themselves… with varying degrees of success.

In this month’s version of Exposed! we offer tips for better Selfies.

Win a photo membership!
And this month we’re offering a free three-month Online Membership to one lucky reader who submits a selfie to us by Sunday, October 27th, 2014.

Details at the end of the Selfie Tips newsletter.

Be bold. Be brave.

Win an Online program!

Self portrait tips

Selfies – top tips for better selfies