#871 Photo Newsletter – Gift Buying Tips for the Photographer on Your List!

Our 4th annual gift buying guide for your favourite photographer came out this week.

Included are ideas based on:
• What’s hot!
• What’s practical (but less exciting!)
• What’s to be avoided!

Read the gift buying guide and put a smile on your photographer’s face!

And remember, gear alone doesn’t make a better photographer. Skills and good equipment make a good photographer!

photo gift buying guide

Santa and his reindog are watching!

#859 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – What to do amongst trillions of photos!

This month we investigate the trillions of photos in the world. The last 10 to 15 years have seen the accessibility of photography boom.

From family snapshots to masterful artwork, photography has blossomed into diverse genres. Where do YOU stand with your camera amongst the barrage of recent photos?

The choices and possibilities have never been greater. See how you fit in.

family candid portraits

candid family portraits

#849 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Easy Tips for Better Photos

Sometimes it’s the simple tips that make the most difference in people’s photography – this month’s photo newsletter we offer 10 Easy Tips for Better Photos.

We ask you to send us your best photo tips – we’ll feature some on the blog!

Photo Mistakes

Tip #6 - Learn from your Photo Mistakes

Read the whole article!

#830 “Do something different” – reader photo on the blog…

Last week we sent out our latest Exposed! photo newsletter urging you to do something differently!

We poked you to start exploring new passions and ideas.

And we asked you to send us something different…

Robert’s submission, below, caught our eye and won its way onto the photo blog. He says:

That’s three of my four children, I was trying to get the youngest at 20 months to don a pair of goggles but she wasn’t to happy about it. My plan wasn’t to place all four images together, but while doing some adjustments in Lightroom, I thought I would try something different using Photoshop.  I was still thinking about the missing photo of my daughter that would have completed the scene, then remembered I had a colourful abstract shot of some pool flotation devices.  

All the images were shot on a very hot day with a helpful cloud cover, using a 50mm wide open at 1.8. On the smaller APS-C sensor, that equates to about 85mm, a nice portrait lens and one of my favourite focal lengths.

What caught our attention?

It’s a photo of portraits of very different kids but all very similar – shot with a similar thread in a different way. I like it…

Nicely done.

And for his creative fun Robert wins one month in our Online Photo Program – this month’s challenge is motion. Stay tuned for some student results.

student photo

© Robert M - Doing something differently


#827 – Photography Newsletter on the Blog – Do Something Differently!

For our Exposed! photo newsletter this month we explore ways to help you stand out from the masses.

I have seen many people embrace photography, develop their creativity and find a new outlet for fun.

With more people, come more challenges. But more than ever people are shooting more of the same things.

One particular challenge is separating yourself and your work from the everyone else’s. Below we explore ways to create some buzz for the work you produce.

In this edition of Exposed! We challenge you to do something differently!

Read the whole article…

exposed photo newsletter

Doing golf shots differently - this shot sold well because it's different than most other golf shots!

#560 Flash Phobia – Exposed! Photo Newsletter

A student recently sent out a mayday distress signal after a photo event left her perplexed. Flash photography can be a scary thing. Like the student, many people develop Flash Phobia – an overwhelming fear of flash photography. It doesn’t have to be that scary!

In this edition of Exposed! we look at four tips for using flash effectively.

Flash tips - #2 Balancing flash with motion

Flash tips - #2 Balancing flash with motion

#426 February’s Exposed! Newsletter – “Where to go for help!”

Yikes… I was in trouble!

A student sent me a question about a camera and I had no clue how to respond! I like to think I know a lot of stuff. But I get asked a lot of questions and sometimes need to come up with answers … quickly.

In this month’s Exposed! we look at information sources in the photo world!

Read the whole article.

Your network can be your most valuable resource!

Your network can be your most valuable resource!

#194 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

The most recent Exposed! Photo Newsletter is being distributed as we speak.

5  Photo Goals for the New Year

At this time of the year many people set New Year’s resolutions. More carrots, less chocolate? I prefer goals!

In this edition of Exposed! photo newsletter I suggest five photo goals for any photo fan to pursue in the new year.

www.HarryNowell.com/newsletter/ photo_goals_for_the_new_year.htm
Goals helped Paul Danks win a world championship

Paul Danks set goals to achieve a world champ win.

#178 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

December’s edition of our ‘Exposed!’ photo newsletter was sent out this week:

:: Five tips for Holiday Pics ::

Holiday Photo Tips

‘Tis the season…

… And Alex, our photo student, admitted he gets flustered shooting at family gatherings and celebrations. Events can be overwhelming for photographers challenged by the pandemonium of the holidays.

In this edition of Exposed! we outline five tips to keep you focused. Read more.

#177 Wise Photo Quotes, continued

Today we offer the final installment of responses to “Wise Words from Working Photographers.

This quote comes via the interent from another Chris – he includes a link to a comic to make his fine point:

“The best photo-related quote that I have heard – by far – comes from What The Duck – a comic.

I imagine this is a variation on the story of a photographer at dinner whose host says “I love your pictures. You must have a really nice camera“.

The photographer responds by saying “Dinner was great. You must have really nice pots and pans.

Anyway, I think it nicely illustrates the point that the most important part of taking a picture is the person behind the camera. As photographers, it is good to be reminded of this and not get too carried away with lusting after new gear.



Poodle Photographed by Harry, assisted by the camera.

Thanks Chris – well said!