#177 Wise Photo Quotes, continued

Today we offer the final installment of responses to “Wise Words from Working Photographers.

This quote comes via the interent from another Chris – he includes a link to a comic to make his fine point:

“The best photo-related quote that I have heard – by far – comes from What The Duck – a comic.

I imagine this is a variation on the story of a photographer at dinner whose host says “I love your pictures. You must have a really nice camera“.

The photographer responds by saying “Dinner was great. You must have really nice pots and pans.

Anyway, I think it nicely illustrates the point that the most important part of taking a picture is the person behind the camera. As photographers, it is good to be reminded of this and not get too carried away with lusting after new gear.



Poodle Photographed by Harry, assisted by the camera.

Thanks Chris – well said!

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