#1002 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Three BORING Tools to improve your photography.

They’re not sexy.
They’re not cutting edge.
They’re not even hard to find.

But they are indispensable for better photos.

This month we round up three of the most boring ways to improve your photography.

Read about the tools to improve your pictures!

Photography tools...

Boring tools for better photos…


#990 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – iPhone Photo Tips

This spring my web developer, Tanya, told me I needed an iPhone.

I protested.
She insisted.

Guess who won…

In this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter learn to take better Smartphone photos…

Better Pictures

Photo Tip – Make your whites white by touching the blue sky to expose well.

#975 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Photo Tips = Better Pictures

Photos are easy to make – aim and click. Almost everybody has a camera device and there are trillions of, erm, bad photos out there.

Good photos take time and patience and learning…

How would you:
• make white snow white? (most people produce gray snow)
• make a waterfall turn into a milky smooth masterpiece?
• showing a hint of motion in the water and oars while keeping the boat and background crisp?

Regular photo tips can help!

In this edition of Exposed! we offer some of the most important (and fun) tips.

Read the tips.

Photo Tips = Better Pictures

Photo Tip #201 – Anticipate your subject’s actions.

#964 Summer Photo Adventure Suggestions

Summer’s here and that means shooting season!

But how are you ever going to get good pictures if you don’t have exotic vacation plans to shoot the Great Wall of China or the Slot Canyons of Arizona or Iceland’s stunning waterfalls?!

In this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter we offer tips and ideas to shoot magnificence closer to home.

Photo assignment close to home...

Shot 10 metres from home with an iPhone!

It’s true – many people leave their camera’s packed away until they go somewhere special! But there’s always something special to capture if you train yourself to see it.

Read the whole article for local photo fun and tips!

#908 – New Perspectives Photo Newsletter + Critique Option!

Our photo newsletter hits the airwaves today and with it comes a new option based on the successes of our Online Photo Program – a photo critique!

New Perspectives
Photos are supposed to depict what we see but they cannot show three dimensions.

That’s a problem!

But there are ways to show depth perspective within a photo – and this week we offer photo tips to help you create better photos with depth – read the whole article.

Photo Perspective - tips

Photo Perspective - tips on depth

New option – photo critique!
This month we are drawing from the successes of our online photo program – people like the program’s video lessons, notes, feedback from the group but they LOVE the group video critique of member’s photos:

Preview an Online Program critique session from the Online Program’s “Closer” challenge. Directs to YouTube…

So, as an introductory offer we are will critique your newsletter homework through a group critique video for $5. See the newsletter for details.

#888 Tips for Better Holiday Photos

Ok, I know I said the blog was taking some time off but we wanted to give you a link to our latest Exposed! photo newsletter:

Better Holiday Photos
or it could be called:
Avoiding Photo Disasters at family celebrations
Learn from Harry’s Mistakes!

The newsletter:

At our little boy’s first birthday party I took some of the worst photos I’ve ever taken.

You see, my wife had asked if I could “just take a few photos as the birthday cake came out” while extended family sang Happy Birthday.

No problem!

It was a disaster! (photo below is from another shoot…)

better holiday pictures

Photographing better family photos!

This month’s edition of the Exposed! photo newsletter offers photo tips to help you manage your festive duties, take better photos and avoid common pitfalls…

Read the rest of the newsletter!

#871 Photo Newsletter – Gift Buying Tips for the Photographer on Your List!

Our 4th annual gift buying guide for your favourite photographer came out this week.

Included are ideas based on:
• What’s hot!
• What’s practical (but less exciting!)
• What’s to be avoided!

Read the gift buying guide and put a smile on your photographer’s face!

And remember, gear alone doesn’t make a better photographer. Skills and good equipment make a good photographer!

photo gift buying guide

Santa and his reindog are watching!

#859 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – What to do amongst trillions of photos!

This month we investigate the trillions of photos in the world. The last 10 to 15 years have seen the accessibility of photography boom.

From family snapshots to masterful artwork, photography has blossomed into diverse genres. Where do YOU stand with your camera amongst the barrage of recent photos?

The choices and possibilities have never been greater. See how you fit in.

family candid portraits

candid family portraits

#808 Photo Newsletter – Photo Adventures Close to Home

In this month’s photo newsletter we explore photo adventures close to home. You DON’T need to go to exotic places to get amazing results!

Read the article. Submit your best photo from the homework challenge – we’ll be posting a reader’s photo on the blog.

“Top Summer Photo Adventures”

Local photo adventures
Night photo shot from our driveway!


#799 Exposed! Newsletter – Camera Confidence – Replacing Daniel Alfredson

This past hockey season I was asked to replace Daniel Alfredsson (NHL hockey superstar) in a hockey game.

Sound absurd? Not when you’re under stress.

I’ve seen some stressful situations while working – erm, car engine catching fire on the way to an assignment?!

In this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter we discuss camera confidence, performance anxiety and performing under stress.

 Read the article

What’re your best adverse work related stories? Yes, we’d like to hear!

work related stress

Camera Confidence - working under pressure