#779 – Close, Closer, Closest – Easy Tip for Better Photos

This month’s Exposed! newsletter hit the airwaves on Thursday:

“My advice to our photo workshop students is often “Get Closer.” It’s one of the easiest tips to make your photos better.

In this edition of Exposed! we look at getting close, closer and closest…”

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Send us your CLOSE pictures. We’d like to post your photos on the blog – the closer the better.

Better photo tips

Better photo tips - close but get CLOSER!

#769 Photo Newsletter – Building Better Backgrounds

Today our Exposed! photo newsletter was sent down the internet to our newsletter recipients. This month we discussed:

 Building Better Backgrounds

Reviewing a student’s work recently one thing quickly presented itself – everything was in focus. The main subject and the secondary elements were all sharp, which pulled my eyes from the delicious primary focal element. And that was problematic.

In this month’s Exposed Photo Newsletter we explore the idea that less is lovely, simplicity scores, and fine photos favour finite focal points!

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#746 Exposed! Photo Newsletter (…and win a photography workshop!)

Photos First!

Stop reading. Go and take photos!!! … And win a photo workshop while you’re at it. See details at the end of the newsletter.

All kinds of people join our ProProgram looking to start a photo business or improve their photography dramatically over a year. It’s a great year of learning, photo and personal development.

Sometimes, though, I have to tear people away from reading about photography to actually go and practise photography!


So, in this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter – Photos First – we look at the easiest way to get you taking more (and better) pictures.

Read the whole newsletter (and get a chance at winning a free photo workshop)

better photos

Harry says "Get a camera and take more photos!"

#722 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Holiday Snaps vs Making Masterpieces

I met with two students recently whose goals were to take better photos. “Like these!” they exclaimed as they showed me spectacular photos from a variety of websites. “How do I get photos like those?” they asked.

It takes time and patience.

In this edition of Exposed! we look at the difference between Holiday Snapshots and Stunning Masterpeices.

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Hockey Rink - not a snapshot

Hockey Rink - not a snapshot!

#708 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Gift Ideas for the Photographer on Your List

It’s time for our annual gift buying suggestions and this year we went straight to our readers to ask what YOU wanted for Christmas! So, if you have gifts to buy for the photographer on your list read our photo gift suggestions!

We are also excited to be helping the dogs and cats at the Aylmer SPCA again – we are donating our photo services on Sunday, December 11th from 11:30-4pm so YOU can have a photo taken of Fido and Santa. This is an important fundraiser for our furry friends!

photo gift buying suggestions + Santa photos!

photo gift buying suggestions + Santa photos!

#700 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Bad Weather Shooting

November is upon us and the weather report looks grim.

Many people pack their cameras away and wait for better weather but this month’s Exposed! Photo Newsletter contemplates Bad Weather Photography with reasons to get out shooting and ways to do it comfortably!
Learn why you should get out and shoot in the rain.
Bad weather shooting

How to photograph, comfortably, in bad weather and why you should shoot in this weather!

#682 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Homework Ideas to Improve Your Photography

I’ve been shooting for years – but I just can’t seem to take my photography to the next level.

I hear a lot of comments like this: People who have been shooting for years but get stuck in a rut.

They’re accomplished and are very comfortable doing things the way they’ve been doing things. And that’s part of the problem.

In this edition of Exposed! we look at ways to shake up your comfort level to improve your photos.

Read “Homework Ideas to Improve Your Photography

Homework Ideas to Improve your Photography

Homework Ideas to Improve your Photography

#675 Exposed! Photo Newsletter: Patience and Photography

I want to learn everything about photography in the next three weeks,” declared a mom who wanted to take a photo course to help her start a maternity and young family photo business before her kids finished school for the summer.

That’s a tall request!

With digital photography and camera manufacturers selling “easy!” to attract buyers, more people are expecting to produce award-winning photos right away.

But camera companies don’t promote the patience needed to produce stunning imagery.

In this month’s edition of Exposed! we look at intangible concepts that will help your photography blossom.

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intangible elements of photography

intangible elements of photography - elements you cannot buy!

#648 To crop or not…

At our Music in Print show I spoke to many people coming through our photo studio. With one photo enthusiast we talked about the merits of cropping – when, why (or why not), and how…

I often see students cropping photos to answer compositional challenges. I shake my head – the REAL challenge is to use every speck of the viewfinder available.

In this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter we investigate the world of cropping.

Photo Cropping

Photo Cropping... When, why (or why not) and how

#633 Better Backgrounds Photo Newsletter

Better Backgrounds Photography Newsletter

“Remember the background!”

On many workshops I give this simple advice.

I see lots of photos with beautiful subjects murdered by bad backgrounds. The foreground is exposed well, composed well, vibrant and caught at just the right moment but the background kills the photo and any chance of fame, fortune and bragging rights.

In this edition of Exposed! we give top tips to make your foreground pop by playing off the background.

Better Backgrounds Photo Newsletter

Better Backgrounds Photo Newsletter

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