#746 Exposed! Photo Newsletter (…and win a photography workshop!)

Photos First!

Stop reading. Go and take photos!!! … And win a photo workshop while you’re at it. See details at the end of the newsletter.

All kinds of people join our ProProgram looking to start a photo business or improve their photography dramatically over a year. It’s a great year of learning, photo and personal development.

Sometimes, though, I have to tear people away from reading about photography to actually go and practise photography!


So, in this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter – Photos First – we look at the easiest way to get you taking more (and better) pictures.

Read the whole newsletter (and get a chance at winning a free photo workshop)

better photos

Harry says "Get a camera and take more photos!"

2 thoughts on “#746 Exposed! Photo Newsletter (…and win a photography workshop!)

  1. Harry,

    I read almost all of your Exposed! newsletters. This one was the ultimate in your type of (simple) inspiration. So I had to comment. Thank you for the simplicity and accessibility of how to learn photography. I have learned a lot from reading, I have learned a lot from you (in a previous course that I took from you) but I know that I have learned the most from snapping the shutter. So in the middle of writing this comment, I just stood up from my desk for a moment, looked out the patio door to see what I could snap – and there was a fox…in our neighor’s yard…and I had my long lens on my D90…it was ready to go! I now have 7 shots of a fox in the city that I can play with (and learn with) and to show my kids that I would not have had if I didn’t just grab my camera and snap. Thanks for that!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Glen! Keeping your eyes and mind open to opportunity (and having a camera ready) can have dramatic results!

    Can you send one of your fox photos for consideration into the contest?!

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