#747 Photo Contest Winner and results

Last week we published our latest Exposed! photo newsletter – ‘Photography First‘ – aiming to get people to take more photos. We urged you to “Get a camera. Right now! Start clicking.

As an incentive to pick up the camera right away we offered a prize – one spot in our most popular workshop, Creative Fundamnetals, or two free photo safaris in 2012.

… And the photos started coming in. We had a tough time selecting the top spot and, because there were so many entries we offered a runner-up prize of one free photo safari in 2012.

Criteria for winning was simple – “partly on technical merit (small %), quirky fun (more marks) and how quickly the photos appear!

Below is the winner, runner-up and two honourable mentions.

Thank-you for all your entries!!! Congratulations to the winners and to everybody for trying.

First Place

Ottawa Photo Contest Winner!

Ottawa Photo Contest Winner - Glen O

Glen won first prize. He took the photo right after reading the newsletter and discovered a fox out the window of his home. He writes:

“I read almost all of your Exposed! newsletters. This one was the ultimate in your type of (simple) inspiration. Thank you for the simplicity and accessibility of how to learn photography. I have learned a lot from reading, I have learned a lot from you  but I know that I have learned the most from snapping the shutter. So in the middle of writing this comment, I just stood up from my desk for a moment, looked out the patio door to see what I could snap – and there was a fox…in our neighor’s yard…and I had my long lens on my D90…it was ready to go! I now have 7 shots of a fox in the city that I can play with (and learn with) that I would not have had if I didn’t just grab my camera and snap. Thanks for that!”

Glen’s photo was well captured, shot immediately after reading the newsletter and it just shows you to keep your eyes open – there may be a fox in your back yard!!

Glen wins his choice of a spot in a Creative Fundamnetals Workshop in 2012 or 2 photo safaris in 2012 (see details below.)

Runner up

Ottawa Photo Contest - Runner-Up

Ottawa Photo Contest - Runner-Up - Leanne D

Runner up goes to Leanne D. Her photo is fun, well shot and was shot quickly after reading the newsletter.

She writes: “I dropped what I was doing and took a spin in my chair. How fun!  As soon as I am done, I am going outside to take more pictures. Cheers, Leanne”

Leanne wins a Photo Safari in 2012 (see details below).

Honourable Mentions

We’d like to show many of the photos submitted but have limited space! The two below we’d like to acknowledge for the spirit of their submissions.

Ottawa Photo Contest - Honourable Mention

Ottawa Photo Contest - Honourable Mention - Al G

Al has taken many of our workshops and his work has developed beautifully after much hard work!

He says: “I have attached a couple of shots I took at the point in the article when you said to stop reading and go take a picture.  I used my Canon S90 P&S. I went for a couple of fun shots – a salad strainer (self-portrait if you look close) and a close-up of a glass ball.
You are a great inspiration Harry – keep up the good work!”

Congratulations (and thanks) Al!

Ottawa Photo Contest - Honourable Mention

Ottawa Photo Contest - Honourable Mention - Robert M.

Robert’s heartwarming shot comes as a result of reading the Photos First newsletter. Good photos can be found anytime, anywhere – if you are looking. Congratulations Robert!


Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop – This is our most popular course because it explains many complex photo ideas (white balance, aperture, exposure) in down to earth ways. Offered in April and September, 2012.

• Photo Safaris – We offer photo safaris every couple of months. Here are some we offered last year (likely similar safaris this year!):

  1. Dancing Horses Photo Safari (April 15, 2012)
  2. Farm Photo Safari (May – to be confirmed)
  3. Bike Race Photo safari (June/July – to be confirmed)
  4. Fire breathing, Unicycle Riding, Flaming Juggler Photo Safari (August – to be confirmed)
  5. Blacksmith Photo Safari (Fall – to be confirmed)

Thanks for participating – it was a fun newsletter to write and super fun to see your work come in.

Keep it up!!

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