#885 Online Photo Class update

We’ve launched into December’s online photo course. It’s a tough challenge this month because the parameters are so wide.

It’s a creative rather than technical challenge built around the festivities happening in December.

Online members are asked to interpret their festive fun…

… which is hard. Technical challenges are often easier because I can give recipes for silhouettes, motion, etc. Creative challenges tax a different part of the brain!

The online photo students are up to it, though. They’re good at testing new ideas and trying new things. And their photos show it!

online photo workshop - sIlhouette challenge - © Willa Mason

online photo workshop - sIlhouette challenge - © Willa Mason

Other upcoming photo workshops to help you get better pictures are coming up if you like to learn in a live group setting in central Ottawa.

In January we offer the Glass Blowing Photo Safari – it’s a hot assignment in a cold month with enough to challenge beginner and pro!

Ottawa photo safari

Ottawa glass blowing photo safari!

Want to figure out the fundamentals? (Ahem… many, many people could use a refresher or intro to the building blocks of photography.) Creative Fundamentals is your ticket to advanced shooting.

Natural Light Portraits comes up in in January, also, with creative and technical tips for better people pictures and an intro to flash.

Are you missing hockey this season? Want an opportunity to shoot pro hockey on the ice the Senators use? Experience shooting a live pro event with our Shooting Pro Hockey Photo Course. Gets you close to the ice and sharpens your skills. A classic workshop.

March Break Photo Camp and Workshop

March Break Photo Camp and Workshop

And we now have a March Break photo camp and program for 8-12 year olds. The week long day camp introduces pre-teens to the world of photography. They get to learn to shoot, admire art in a gallery and see the magic of a photo developing before their eyes in a darkroom!

This spring and summer we’re lucky to have Louise Tanguay back to teach Macro and other courses. Stay tuned for the fun!

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