Glass Blowing Photo Safari

Experience the glowing world of molten glass and fast-paced artisanal craft production.

Our Glass Blowing Photo Safari gets you and your camera behind the scenes access to an artisanal glass blowing studio.

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Ottawa photo safari - glassblowing

Ottawa photo safari – glassblowing

A small group (maximum of 6) will be lucky enough to photograph this fast paced and technical craft as glass transforms from raw material to super-heated molten glass to beautifully finished glass pieces.

Ottawa photo course - glass blowing

Ottawa photo safari – glass blowing

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 (7-9pm)

Central Ottawa Glass Blowing Studio

$75 + taxes limited to 6 participants – first come, first served!

Ottawa photo class - glass blowing

Ottawa photo safari – glass blowing

What to Expect
We will meet at the glass blowing studio and introduce you to the art of glass blowing from the photographer’s perspective. We will cover top tips for better success including technical and compositional elements.

Suggested Equipment
This is a technically challenging safari with relatively low light in the workspace and great photo opportunities. While any equipment can produce fun results, for best results we’d suggest:
• Prime lenses like a 50mm f1.8 Why? Allows more light to enter the camera while still shooting at shutter speeds that will freeze the action
• Flash Why? Flash can add a fun element to your photos if used appropriately. Ideally an off camera flash gives best control
• SLR camera with high iso capability. Why? There is low light in the glass blwoing workspace.

These are just equipment suggestions! Bring what you have!

Ottawa photo class - glass blowing

Ottawa photo safari – glass blowing

Suggested Skill Level
This is a safari for people who are comfortable with base skills like setting exposures manually. People with point and shoot cameras or using automatic exposure modes are welcome. More creative results can be achieved with manual modes.

About our Glass Blowing Hosts
Our hosts offer 27 years experience in glassblowing. They merge their passion for arts education, fine design and community involvement – perfect for our safari!

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Space is limited! A full payment of $75 is required to reserve your spot.

Or to register through a real, live human with credit card or cheque contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460.

Ottawa photo workshop - glass blowing

Ottawa photo safari – glass blowing