#994 Portfolio Reviews with David Trattles

Remember David Trattles?

David Trattles

David Trattles

He’s offering his popular Travel & Documentary Photography Workshop again. It sold out again.

As part of our Platform Sessions he has offered his expertise to people through portfolio reviews. It’s last minute and there are not many spots available…

Dave has kindly offered to meet with people One-on-One to review their photos and stories Saturday, September 14th afternoon slots at Ottawa Studio Works – 160 Preston St.

Half hour sessions are $50 + HST.

More details and registration…

#993 Gatineau Park Photo Safari Photos

Photo Adventure

Photo Safari MacKenzie King Estates © Morina Reece

Last weekend we ran a photo safari at MacKenzie King Estates in Gatineau Park for the NCC.

Many smiling faces joined us as we explored this year’s theme of Nature.

Some fine photos resulted. What do you think?!

Missed this photo adventure?
Join us for Creative Fundamentals as we help people get comfortable with their cameras in Gatineau Park

photo adventure Gatineau

Gatineau Park Photo Safari © Marcel Mathurin

Gatineau Park Adventure

Gatineau Park Photo Safari © Suzanne Rochford

Gatineau Park photography

Gatineau Park Photo Safari © Nathalie Fortier

#992 Online Photo Class – New Perspectives

In August we offered a new direction in challenges of our Online Photo Program.

In June we offered a Photojournalism Challenge and a (some said tougher!) Social Documentary Challenge in July.

Last month we asked our members to photograph the same subject AT LEAST 50 different ways.

Crazy, they said.
I don’t care, I replied.

Member’s resulting photos glowed, proving that my mad challenge had a purpose!

Online Photo Challenge - © Morina R

Online Photo Challenge – © Morina R

What member’s said this month:
“Always amazed to see the creativity folks display when taking on Harry’s challenges – constantly saying to myself,I wish I had thought of that.”

Online Photo Challenge - © Morina R

Online Photo Challenge – © Jeffrey F

“I learned so much from the challenge and it was a lot of fun. The John Cleese video was especially entertaining and some really good tips on creativity.  I really enjoyed it.
Thanks again for keeping us on our photography toes, so to speak.”

Online Photo Class - © April L

Online Photo Class – © April L

“Great challenge. – again!

I am off tomorrow morning to the Freeman Patterson workshop. Thanks to the 6 months of experience in the online course, I am feeling much more comfortable using my camera.
Will renew my online course when I return.”

Online Photo Challenge - © Kevan E

Online Photo Challenge – © Kevan E

“You guys and gals, have some wonderful shots. I am learning more and more each day.”

“Just watched the critique and I learned something from EVERY photo submitted (and Harry’s advice of course!). Thank you all for sharing your efforts. All of you inspire me with your work! Looking forward to next month’s challenge …”

Join us for the fall online photo challenges!

Online Photo Challenge - © Christine P.

Online Photo Challenge – © Christine P.