#227 Iceland Dispatch

Another dispatch with photos from Kent Larus Bjornsson who will be leading us to his secret spots on the Iceland Photo Tour this summer:

“According to the British Newspaper the Economist, Reykjavik is now one of the cheapest cities in Western Europe. Just last year Reykjavik was the fifth most expensive city in the world. With the fall of the Icelandic kronur it has fallen to number 67 on the list. The only city in Western Europe that is lower is Manchester UK. What are the most expensive cities? Tokyo and Osaka, followed by Paris and Copenhagen.

Iceland Photo Tour

Reykjavik by the Arctic Ocean

The lower prices are great for visitors but not great for people that earn wages in kronur. The kronur has recovered somewhat so now is the time to visit Iceland. Even the rock band Pearl Jam is thinking of visiting and doing a concert!

Iceland Photo Tour


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Thanks Kent!

#226 In the news

I am being featured in our local newspaper “The Low Down” this week in a regular feature by local writer/musician Phil Jenkins, known for books like An Acre of Time.

While the newspaper is small, exposure is always good and I appreciate both the newspaper and Phil for approaching me about the feature.

There is a very interesting story behind this – I will elaborate on Thursday! Tomorrow, another dispatch from Kent Larus Bjornsson from Iceland.

Thanks Phil and Nikki.

Phil Jenkins

Phil Jenkins performing at a community celebration

#224 Craft Conference Review and Networking

 Last week I mentioned I was presenting Photography for Art Promotion at the Craft Council’s Craft Conference in Ottawa. It was a fun event with sessions on:

  1. grant writing from the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council
  2. navigating the Gallery World with reps from LaPai Gallery
  3. Photographing art work for promotion

The participants were full of questions and ideas. Meeting others in similar fields is an important way to learn and make sure you are on the right track in your field!

Some of the fun from the event:

Ontario Craft Conference

Karina Bergmans, Erin Robertson and Cynthia O’Brien enjoy the show opener!

Craf Conference - Emma Quin, Sara Washbush

The Craft Council’s Emma Quin and Sara Washbush open the conference.

Craft Conference

Valerie – OCC Membership Services and Harry

#223 Iceland Dispatch – Dynjandi the ultimate waterfall

We begin a new feature today – a dispatch from Kent Larus Bjornsson who will be working with us on the Iceland Photo Safari – summer 2009.

From Kent:

“Iceland has 10,000 waterfalls – that means one waterfall every 10 square kilometers on average.

At Dynjandi, in far nortwestern Iceland, there are a total of 8 waterfalls within meters of each other. Dynjandi means resounding and that is what it is, all 100 m of it. Every few steps up the mountain is another spectacular sight. One of the falls it is even possible to walk behind.

Spend a short time or a whole afternoon. The mountain ranges and Arnarfjörður are spectacular from a position up in front of the main waterfall.

The waterfall Dynjandi is just above an abandoned farm of the same name. Imagine being a farmer with this natural pearl right above you!”

Kent’s photos:

Notice the scale – person lower left!

Iceland Photo Tour

Iceland Photo Tour

Wow – Thanks Kent!

#222 – New Photo Workshops

We have some new photo workshops developing:

1. Sport Photo Workshop
August 29, 30, September 2, 2009.
We have secured the opportunity to be official photographers at a fast paced polo competition. Test your field sport photo skills as galloping horses and fast paced action challenge your cameras.

Peanut Cup Polo

2. Sport Sessions Photo Challenge
June, 2009.
Test yourself as we cover three cycling based sports photography challenges followed by a critique session. We will cover evening bike crit races and techniques of motion.

Bike Crit race

More details coming soon. Stay tuned! Check our workshops listings.

Yesterday‘s half speed work day still filled up quickly – I am happy to report the skiing was fabulous and the dogs had a ball.

#221 Rest

It was a busy week last week – working right through the weekend. This week is looking busy, too. That’s a good thing.

So to make sure the batteries stay charged today is a half speed work day. I will be telemark skiing at Camp Fortune for an hour or two and snowshoeing with two dogs for an hour in the afternoon.

I have learned the hard way that fun time off is essential to any healthy business. I have learned many things the hard way! In that vein we developed the Creative Business Seminar – next session in April – where you’ll find many practical ideas about business that you won’t find in text books.

We presented “Photographing Artwork for Promotion” twice at the Ontario Craft Council‘s conference this weekend. It was well received. A review is coming soon.

But for now I have a very important meeting with my skis and some snow:

telemark ski photo at ChelseaGallery.ca

Telemark ski photo @ ChelseaGallery.ca shot on Kodak EIR infrared slide film!