#227 Iceland Dispatch

Another dispatch with photos from Kent Larus Bjornsson who will be leading us to his secret spots on the Iceland Photo Tour this summer:

“According to the British Newspaper the Economist, Reykjavik is now one of the cheapest cities in Western Europe. Just last year Reykjavik was the fifth most expensive city in the world. With the fall of the Icelandic kronur it has fallen to number 67 on the list. The only city in Western Europe that is lower is Manchester UK. What are the most expensive cities? Tokyo and Osaka, followed by Paris and Copenhagen.

Iceland Photo Tour

Reykjavik by the Arctic Ocean

The lower prices are great for visitors but not great for people that earn wages in kronur. The kronur has recovered somewhat so now is the time to visit Iceland. Even the rock band Pearl Jam is thinking of visiting and doing a concert!

Iceland Photo Tour


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Thanks Kent!

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