#228 A Networking Story

On Tuesday I mentioned I would tell the story of HarryNowell.com getting free local promotion.

The Story

Our community has a fantastic email based bulletin board that gets sent out to thousand(s) of local people. I often post notes of community interest with links to my blog for additional info and photos. It’s good for the community and good for exposure.

A couple of weeks ago an anonymous person remarked on the community bulletin board: “I am tired of that photographer guy posting on the community board…” I was mortified.


The next day there was glowing support for me and even scorn for the anonymous poster! That was just the beginning – two more full days of supportive postings came in through the community board and email.

It was heart warming!

Harry Nowell seld portrait

… And then the phone rang. Chelsea author, Phil Jenkins, called to inquire about the whole debackle. Phil writes a regular column in the local newspaper – the Low Down – highlighting artists in the area. He wrote an article on three prominent working photographers in the region – myself, J David Andrews and Mike Beedell.

All good news!

The only downside was the paper cropped an important part of the photo I sent in. That doesn’t reflect well on my work. Sigh. The media always has the last word! The full photo:


All in all it was a pretty neat week watching how the media works. And it was all free!

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