#221 Rest

It was a busy week last week – working right through the weekend. This week is looking busy, too. That’s a good thing.

So to make sure the batteries stay charged today is a half speed work day. I will be telemark skiing at Camp Fortune for an hour or two and snowshoeing with two dogs for an hour in the afternoon.

I have learned the hard way that fun time off is essential to any healthy business. I have learned many things the hard way! In that vein we developed the Creative Business Seminar – next session in April – where you’ll find many practical ideas about business that you won’t find in text books.

We presented “Photographing Artwork for Promotion” twice at the Ontario Craft Council‘s conference this weekend. It was well received. A review is coming soon.

But for now I have a very important meeting with my skis and some snow:

telemark ski photo at ChelseaGallery.ca

Telemark ski photo @ ChelseaGallery.ca shot on Kodak EIR infrared slide film!

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