#223 Iceland Dispatch – Dynjandi the ultimate waterfall

We begin a new feature today – a dispatch from Kent Larus Bjornsson who will be working with us on the Iceland Photo Safari – summer 2009.

From Kent:

“Iceland has 10,000 waterfalls – that means one waterfall every 10 square kilometers on average.

At Dynjandi, in far nortwestern Iceland, there are a total of 8 waterfalls within meters of each other. Dynjandi means resounding and that is what it is, all 100 m of it. Every few steps up the mountain is another spectacular sight. One of the falls it is even possible to walk behind.

Spend a short time or a whole afternoon. The mountain ranges and Arnarfjörður are spectacular from a position up in front of the main waterfall.

The waterfall Dynjandi is just above an abandoned farm of the same name. Imagine being a farmer with this natural pearl right above you!”

Kent’s photos:

Notice the scale – person lower left!

Iceland Photo Tour

Iceland Photo Tour

Wow – Thanks Kent!

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