#29 Distractions

Just sent in a quote to do some promo photos for a clinic. And the weekend is coming which is sometimes very similar to a weekday for me – that’s not good or bad. I will be teaching and hopefully skiing!

Here is a distraction for you – I discovered this site a while back – a photo contest called the Everyman – there are some fantastic pictures by amateur photographers.

If you ever enter a photo contest read the rules and never give up your copyright or give away your photo. Ever.

Have a great weekend,


#27 More hockey

One of my students from the Hockey Photo Workshop contributes to an Ottawa 67s blog. V is a big hockey fan and wanted to learn a little more about the photography end of things! Have a look at her blog posting and photos from the game we shot!

Another photo from the game with a student shooting from ice level:HarryNowell.com

Students from my event photo workshop were able to borrow gear from Headshots Rentals Ottawa location – some students walked out with thousands of dollars of pro-level gear to try for the afternoon. Thanks Headshots!

Stay tuned for the summer event photography workshop!


#26 Hockey workshop

My pro hockey workshop students are meeting tomorrow for their critique session. Feed back of their session at the Ottawa 67s game has been good so far. In the next few days I will highlight some photos and links to some student photos.

First up a snapshot with my new point & shoot – at these workshops my job is to support the students, not take photos – my P&S comes in handy for the quick snaps:HarryNowell.com

Even on auto mode with a good understanding of fundamentals I can create quick silhouettes of a student shooting from the box or media centre in the rafters. I shot this at 28mm – wider than most P&S cameras will allow – see previous blog entries to investigate my criteria for this camera purchase.

In other news – a busy week with other work and my house is leaking a bit with the huge amounts of snow starting to melt – I have a big job tomorrow to fix it!


#25 Whacky weekend

This weekend I taught the practical part of the Pro Hockey Workshop. The Ottawa 67s hosted our group and, unfortantely, lost to the Kingston Frontencs.

On Saturday the photo students met at Ottawa’s Headshots Rentals for a tutorial from Louis on fine equipment and were offered some loaners (fast lenses, etc.) as part of the course – thanks Headshots!

On Sunday we met at Lansdowne Park. Students were issued Media Passes and given a “backstage” tour of the facilities. Thanks 67s! After some theory, ideas and practical tips students were tested by the lightning on the ice. Three periods shooting from the media centre in the rafters and at ice level left students with plenty of editing homework for the critique session later this week.

More hockey updates and photos as they come. Coming up this week:

  • a day off
  • prep-ing a stock submission
  • a Working Creatives meeting
  • some long term idea planning
  • evaluating a potential new photo job
  • admin

What was whacky? Ottawa got hit with a massive snow storm Saturday night. Our long, country drive is normally cleared by a contractor but he did not make it before I had to leave for the workshop. Consequently we cleared the drive twice (1am and 8:30am). There was no way I could have driven through it. I had no choice but to dig – the show must go on for the students! I even picked up a stranded student on the way to the stadium.

I have never seen this much snow around here! We’ll be skiing till June – that’s a good thing for Harry!

Hockey photos later this week,


#24 Point & Shoot Camera Purchase

So I wanted a P&S camera to help with this blog – I didn’t want to take my main camera gear everywhere I went. Her was my want list:

1. small and simple – fits in a shirt pocket
2. wide angle capability at least 28mm equivalent
3. relatively low cost
4. manual capabilities

1. Small and simple – for obvious reasons.

2. Wide angle – this was the toughest restriction – most P&S start at ~35mm. Wide angle is essential for how I like to shoot. Many cameras have add-on gizmos that will provide wider perspectives – this makes the camera more complicated than I wanted (see #1 above.)

3. Low cost – the camera is for simple web use. If I want a fancy camera I have fancy cameras! I’d rather spend the $ on other equipment.

4. Auto mode can handle many simple shots if you understand the shortfalls of auto functions (see Creative Fundamentals!) However there will be instances I want the creative control of manual settings.

I was not concerned with megapixels for this camera – it will be used almost solely for the web. Many new P&S cameras are offering 8 and 12 megapixels which are fantastic for semi large prints – not a big concern for this camera.

The verdict? A Nikon P50:

* Under $200
* 28mm equivalent
* manual control
* small, light, simple – no added gadgets
* 8 megapixels – plenty for my intended use

It was tough to find a camera that met all my needs – the sticky point was the wide angle capability. The Canon G7 kept coming up as a stellar performer but it has no immediate wide angle capability, more features than I needed at 2 and a half times the price of the one I bought.

A good resource for any digital camera gear is DPReview. Check their “buying guide” to help find the camera for you!

Thanks for looking,


#23 Exposed! Newsletter

My latest Exposed! Newsletter went out to subscribers late Tuesday night. It will be posted on my newsletter page in about a month. You can subscribe to receive the articles automatically by entering your e-mail at the top of the Exposed! page.

The latest article “:: What is Your Photo Worth? The Business of Photography::” starts:

“I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years. I need a real job to pay the bills.” I gasped as I received this e-mail.

I get enough questions about the business of photography that I developed and present elements of the Creative Business Seminar to college, university and private groups.

Watermarking and embedding copyright data

Update on Canada Web Hosting – I had trouble with my host as they set up a new server for some of their hosted websites at Synergy Web Services (I was told it’s the same company). They bungled and I lost database functionality, some e-mails and some data. The errors seem to be fixed – took 4 days to fix all the problems! Currently the two web hosting sites are blaming each other for the problems. I am not very happy! What can I do?

Coming up this weekend I am hosting the Event Photography Workshop – students will be shooting the Ottawa 67s sub NHL pro hockey team. It may be full – awaiting confirmation – please inquire if you are interested.

Next weekend is the Night Light Photography Workshop – a time to experiment with funky low light elements of photography. There are spots available.

Both April sessions of Creative Fundamentals are full. I took the first booking for the fall session last night. That makes me happy!

Tomorrow – I introduce my new point and shoot (blog) camera with tips on buying one.

Thanks for looking!


#22 New Camera

Way back I talked about getting a new Point & Shoot camera to support this blog. I bought one from Frank (below) at Ottawa’s Vistek. It’s fun and easy to use The photo’s today are from the new toy! What did I get? – details and review later this week.Frank

I also walked by the Camera Trading Company – they didn’t have what I needed in p&s but my jaw dropped when I saw this Wisner custom built 16″x20″ view camera for sale! It was built relatively recently and the jaw dropping part was the film size – 16 inches by 20 inches!!!! Most view cameras will be 4×5 or 8×10. This one is enormous!!!


I did get Exposed! sent out – I’ll post a link to it here tomorrow if I can!

#21 Bungling

As I mentioned Friday I was looking forward to a fun-filled weekend – it is rare I can leave work alone for a whole weekend and enjoy the snow. There’s usually some deliverable that needs at least some attention!

This weekend we skied a lot including a trek into a cabin for dinner. I even got a game of hockey and some telemark skiing done. By Sunday eve I was tired but happy with the fun!

As for work all I had planned was to write and prepare my monthly e-Newsletter, Exposed! I am very lucky (and grateful) to have help posting it to the web. I write and my GF prepares it for the web – she does it far quicker than I would!

In so doing she discovered some problems with my site’s host Canada Web Hosting. CWH were switching to a different server and had warned people they were doing some work. It seems that their work was only partially done. I lost a day of email, some database functionality and many hours of my life trying to work with their hapless help desk.

It was a very bungled job and I am still trying to fix some issues they created. Their support staff did not follow-up as promised. It affected my blog, e-mail and databasefunctions – sorry to any of you that noticed. As my friend, JQ, would say – it was a big ‘fumbleton.’

I’ll keep you posted!