#948 Summer Portraits Photo Class

Better photos

Better photos

Summer Portrait Class!
We keep getting asked to run our portrait course in the summer (usually run in Jamuary) so we are running Natural Light Portraits in August!

It’s one of our most popular courses – perfect for capturing informal (or formal) portraits at summer events – weddings, BBQs, birthday parties or at family gatherings.

Better portraits!

Better birthday portraits!

Why it’s Popular!
It’s popular because we take people from their fundamentals of photography to specific portrait elements of photography. We cover some technical elements:
• exposures with portraits in mind – ie what shutter speeds and apertures are appropriate for different scenarios.
• introduction to use of flash in portraiture
• choice of different lenses for different portraits

Better people pictures

Better people picture

We also explore the creative side of portrait photography:
• location selection – dealing with the harsh light of midday sun.
• elements of style – what is most appropriate for you and your portraits – candid or formal portraiture?
• working with people to create natural looking smiles and emotions (this is hard!)

Want better people pictures? 
Join us this summer for some portrait fun!

Natural Light Portrait Class

Natural Light Portrait Workshop