#927 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – A Photographer’s Greatest Asset

Last week I had lunch with wedding photographer Andrew Van Beek. We talked about what makes a good photographer and what makes a really good photographer great. It’s simple really. And in this edition of Exposed! I share some thoughts.

We also offer some homework to help your photos grow and a $5 critique video session.

Read about a Photographer’s Greatest Asset.

Stock photography and time

Stock photography and time


#925 $5 Critique Sessions

Last month we published our monthly Exposed! photo newsletter and started offering a critique session for $5 based on the homework from the newsletter.

This week we send out the latest photo newsletter with another opportunity for learning through a critique video – we continue the introductory critique offer of $5.

Photo Critique Video
What does a critique video look like?

… Like the one below from our Online Program. Their challenge that month was to photograph CLOSER!! to their subject.

Stay tuned. Hone your skills.
This month’s newsletter is about pushing the envelope of your creativity.
And you get a critique for just 5 bucks as we launch the service.

 Watch the video critique on Youtube.

#888 Tips for Better Holiday Photos

Ok, I know I said the blog was taking some time off but we wanted to give you a link to our latest Exposed! photo newsletter:

Better Holiday Photos
or it could be called:
Avoiding Photo Disasters at family celebrations
Learn from Harry’s Mistakes!

The newsletter:

At our little boy’s first birthday party I took some of the worst photos I’ve ever taken.

You see, my wife had asked if I could “just take a few photos as the birthday cake came out” while extended family sang Happy Birthday.

No problem!

It was a disaster! (photo below is from another shoot…)

better holiday pictures

Photographing better family photos!

This month’s edition of the Exposed! photo newsletter offers photo tips to help you manage your festive duties, take better photos and avoid common pitfalls…

Read the rest of the newsletter!

#871 Photo Newsletter – Gift Buying Tips for the Photographer on Your List!

Our 4th annual gift buying guide for your favourite photographer came out this week.

Included are ideas based on:
• What’s hot!
• What’s practical (but less exciting!)
• What’s to be avoided!

Read the gift buying guide and put a smile on your photographer’s face!

And remember, gear alone doesn’t make a better photographer. Skills and good equipment make a good photographer!

photo gift buying guide

Santa and his reindog are watching!

#827 – Photography Newsletter on the Blog – Do Something Differently!

For our Exposed! photo newsletter this month we explore ways to help you stand out from the masses.

I have seen many people embrace photography, develop their creativity and find a new outlet for fun.

With more people, come more challenges. But more than ever people are shooting more of the same things.

One particular challenge is separating yourself and your work from the everyone else’s. Below we explore ways to create some buzz for the work you produce.

In this edition of Exposed! We challenge you to do something differently!

Read the whole article…

exposed photo newsletter

Doing golf shots differently - this shot sold well because it's different than most other golf shots!

#808 Photo Newsletter – Photo Adventures Close to Home

In this month’s photo newsletter we explore photo adventures close to home. You DON’T need to go to exotic places to get amazing results!

Read the article. Submit your best photo from the homework challenge – we’ll be posting a reader’s photo on the blog.

“Top Summer Photo Adventures”

Local photo adventures
Night photo shot from our driveway!


#437 Exposed! – Firing up your Creativity

March’s Exposed! Photo Newsletter was sent out yesterday to Ottawa and many readers far, far away.

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The recent photography newsletter explores the idea of decent photos vs spectacular photos encouraging you to expand your creativity.

Want more spectacular? The first step is to read the article:

Fire Up Your Creativity!

Creative Photo Ideas

Creative Photo Ideas

#334 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Quality vs Quantity

September’s Exposed! Newsletter was delivered today.

Ansel Adams, renowned large format landscape photographer, declared “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”

Twelve good photos? In one year? That’s not many!

Adams is referring to the slow, methodical style of work that results in his exquisite quality photos. His fine art photos often took weeks or months to develop and execute. Other styles of photography, such as photojournalism, rely on a high quantity of fine photos to portray an event.

Ottawa Wedding Photography

High Quantity – Fine Event or Wedding Photos

In this edition of Exposed! we look at these two different styles: aiming for one significant quality photo or shooting a quantity of fine event photos…

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Read the whole article. 

Stock and Fine Art Photography

High Quality of a Stock or Fine Art Photo

#306 It’s out – Exposed! Photo Newsletter

July’s installment of the Exposed! photo Newsletter merrily flew around the world this morning.

Exposed! Advanced Exposure Techniques

The man ahead of me at the commercial photo lab lamented the dreary weather that caused his dull winter arctic photos. He had shot some beautifully desolate snow scenes.

Sadly, I could see his ‘dull photos caused by dreary weather’ were actually all underexposed.

Accomplished, self taught hobby photographers with years of photo experience often miss learning the intricacies of exposure.

So, in this edition of Exposed! we delve into intricacies and creative opportunities of exposure …

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Mastering Exposures

Mastering Creative Exposures