#195 Cold weather shooting

The temperature has plummeted where we work – just north of Ottawa in Chelsea, Quebec – to depths I haven’t seen in a few years. Without wind chill Environment Canada has projected lows down to -40C this week! Celsius or farenheit does not make much difference at that level.

Cold weather shoooting

At these temperatures it is still possible to be active and comfortable outside shooting. It takes some extra planning and proper use of insulating layers. Read Warm Photos from Winter’s Cold for some cool weather shooting tips.

There is no sign of warm weather coming – take photos, stay warm!


#164 Wise quotes and used gear

Some miscellaneous notes today:

1. The monthly Exposed! Newsletter comes out this week – “Wise words from working photographers.” Stay tuned.

2. Also just confirming final details of the sports photography workshop that will complete the winter photography workshop lineup.

3. I got an email from veteran photographer Anthony Scullion who is selling some fine photo equipment including:

  • 2 x Nikon F5 and a lens
  • Hasselblad gear
  • lighting equipment

Contact him directly at scullion@magma.ca

4. And as a rookie pond hockey player I am happy the weather is getting cool:Ottawa 67s hockeyOttawa 67s hockey


#97 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, ‘Exposed!‘ is going out today – we discuss “Passion in Portraits“:

… Many of my Natural Light Portraits students fall into the same trap. They are so stressed about getting the right light, location and composition that they forget they are working with a living, breathing, emotional creature. Their portraits often mimic a lifeless boulder in a desert landscape…

The article illustrates pitfalls of portraiture with tales from the studio! To receive ‘Exposed!’ automatically – sign up above, right.

There is also new work at ChelseaGallery.ca – some renovations going on at the site, too!

Football at ChelseaGallery.ca

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#86 Pop Quiz and Prize

It’s quiz day! The first reasonably close answer will win a 6×9 print of their choice from ChelseaGallery.ca

The question:

It’s photo detective time. How was the following photo taken? It was shot at 100 iso in a fully sunny location. Specifically:

  1. What was the shutter speed used to capture the motion of the swing photo?
  2. What was the approximate aperture?
  3. Where was the camera?

Send answers to Harry@HarryNowell.com Only the winner will be contacted. Answer will be posted next week!

pop 'photo blog' quiz

Need help?
Review the recent Exposed! articleCatching Superman.” Sign up to receive Exposed! at the top of this page.

Need more help?!
Consider the Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop this September!

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