#1175 Inquiry: Barbed Wire Tree?!

I’ve heard of apple trees, maple trees and pine trees but recently I discovered a barbed wire tree! There is barbed wire growing out of this tree? Is that possible?

Barbed Wire Tree.

I want you to help investigate!
Watch this video:

Below the video, in the description when watched on YouTube, are questions, clues and links to help you find some answers about the barbed wire tree.

Barbed Wire Tree.

Write a story with words or pictures to explain how the barbed wire tree came to be!

Barbed Wire Tree.

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#1169 Pigs, Patterns, Sticks & Stones: Inquiry Videos for Kindergarten and Primary Students!

What do you know about pigs?
Find a way out of the fern forest using patterns!
What’s the difference between sticks and stones?!

This month’s videos challenge young learners to think, question and develop strategies to find answers.

Watch the videos. 
See the notes (underneath the YouTube video in the description) for learning extensions and links to more information.

Kindergaretn & primary grade inquiry into the the life of pigs on the farm!

Where do you see patterns? Help Mr. Harry describe them and see if he can get out of the fern forest!

Sticks & Stones!
How are they different?
Which one floats?
Which one sinks?

See all the videos including:
• Baby chicks
• Gus the bull calf
• Wasps and nests

We’re always looking for ideas to support Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 learning with links to the Ontario curriculum and appropriate for homeschoolers and Forest School fans!

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