#882 Successes! Online Photo Program

Our Online Photo Program offered another technical challenge to the group last month. Building on the backlighting challenge we urged Online Members to go to the dark side to investigate the world of silhouettes.

People were gently challenged by the weekly lessons, support and forum comments through the program. There were many excellent photos and some very good growth this month.

One photo that caught my eye was from Allan C, online member and workshop grad, who caught the chair sculpture, below.

What caught my eye was he captured most of the sculpture as a silhouette but noticed that a couple of the elements were oriented perfectly to be exposed well – this photo plays with silhouettes and normally exposed parts in a fun play on exposure.

Allan says:
I have enjoyed this month’s challenge. 

All month I have been trying to capture a silhouette of Tim des Cloud’s chair statues. But something was always off, clutter … buildings, traffic lights, wires or the lighting wasn’t right. I got this shot walking back from the library on my point & shot. One should always carry a camera; sometimes the shot is just found instead of stalked.

Well said!

And well done, Allan.

This month we are challenging members to a more creative challenge involving the festive season.

Join us for the online program in December!

Online photo class

Online photo class - silhouette - © Allan C

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