#869 Online Photo Course – Backlighting Successes and New Silhouette Challenge

Online Photo Course - better photos!

Online Photo Program - Backlighting © Jeff F.

Last month we challenged the Online Photo Program Members with the tough technical challenge of backlighting – the tricky scenario of bringing MORE attention to the main subject by blasting the background with light.

Better pictures through online course

Online Photo Course - © Christa R

But they performed! I was pleased at how the group progressed. It was a tough challenge for many but I was pleased with the results!

Online photo program - beautiful pictures

Online photo program - backlighting © Madeline B

And Online member, Scott, sent us this comment about his experience on the program:

Loving the on-line program.  I like that it pushes me to think about how I want to capture the image before me.  At last weekend’s cyclocross race I sought out shooting locations that allowed me to blow-out the background and highlight the cyclists.  I’d say I’m feeling more involved with the picture taking process.

Online Photo Class - take better pictures!

Online Photo Class - Backlighting - © Scott Hall

We’ve just started this month’s online photo challenge with an introduction to silhouettes and what they are.

Online photo program - silhouette

Better photos through online learning!

Later this week we give technical tips on silhouettes and how to achieve them. We also outline participant’s specific challenge for the month.

Join us to learn about silhouettes and challenge yourself!

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