#866 Santa Agrees to Help Pet Portraits at the SPCA

Yes, we have recently confirmed that Santa has agreed, again, to make an appearance at the West Quebec SPCA Pet Portrait fundraiser on December 9th, 2012.

pet portraits Ottawa Gatineau

Pet Portraits Ottawa Gatineau

He is a busy man but we kinda guessed he’d help, again!

• He has a soft spot for the furry friends.
• The SPCA feeds him good cookies!
• The event raises much needed $funds to support the dogs, cats and other pets.

We have helped Santa help the SPCA of West Quebec for years now by offering portrait services for pets and their humans. All proceeds go to the SPCA.

Pet Portraits - Ottawa Gatineau

Pet Portraits - Ottawa Gatineau

So, please come to have your portrait taken with your dog, cat, pig, goldfish or hamster to support the SPCA.

Sunday, December 9th; noon-4pm
SPCA of West Quebec
659 Auguste Mondoux  Gatineau, QC J9J 3K2
(819) 770-7722

Portraits provided on site – $15.
Please be generous!

Over the years we photographed packs of dogs, some cats, one hamster and one pet pig (Einstein) with Santa.
Why do we do it? 

DOGS. We love ’em. A lot.
After dear old Tigger died we adopted Biscuit from the SPCA of West Quebec. They do good work and we wanted to help. This was a way we could!

Pet Portraits - Ottawa Gatineau




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