#772 Open Doors at the photo studio

Wednesday night we are opening the doors to our studio for people to come visit and talk about photo related fun.

This week we’ll have a large format camera out for people to see. It’s an old way of shooting. The process is SLOW.

Ansel Adams used to spend ¬†weeks or weekends in the mountains with his 8×10 camera and something like 6 sheets of film. That means 6 clicks, exposures or photos. Only.

The beauty of medium or large format imagery is wasted on photo blogs. The work shines when looking at the film or large prints.

It’s not the current way or the right way for many things but it’s a beautiful way to shoot.

Bring your favourite old equipment to share at the studio. Be nosy. It’s free.

Come visit:

Wednesday, April 4th, 6-8pm


160 Preston St; between Somerset and Gladstone.

Ottawa photo studio

large format camera

Graflex - large format camera

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