#771 4×5 quality

Many, many years ago, way before DSLR cameras were even imagined, people shot photos on large film like 4×5. That’s big film – 20 square inches of detail. It can be extraordinary.

And I just saw Pavel Kosenko’s site of archived imagery from WW II shot on 4×5 Kodachrome (thanks for the link, Darrell Larose). The photos are quite amazing. Have a look.

Modern digital is amazing, too, for many modern uses.

… But for certain applications a good large format shot can’t be beat, especially if you are printing BIG. The detail is impressive close-up. In Watershed I chose to shoot most of the work on larger film formats including 6×7 (cm), 4×5 (inch) and  24×58 (mm) film.


A couple of our photo course/program graduates have discovered the beauty of film and older technology equipment – rangefinder cameras and exceptional glass. They can be inexpensive (used) and impressive.

Have you ever shot large format film? When was the last time you shot film at all?!

Watershed Photo Exhibit

Watershed Photo Exhibit - shot on medium and large format film

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