#770 What do you want to shoot?

On Facebook today I asked “If you could get ONE excellent photo this spring what would it be?”

There were some fun responses revolving around kids, macro, dragonflies.

Inspiration photo


On a walk with the dog tonight I started thinking about the question and realized it’s the starting point of much of my creative work – imaginative daydreaming:

• What if?

• How big?

• What lens?

• How would I make that work?

Good photos start with imagination and imagination starts with questions. Questions come from inspiration which often happens when I am outside with my dog!

So, I ask you, blog-o-sphere:

“What do you want to shoot this spring?”

Please tell us, below. In a month we’re gonna ask to see some photos and here some stories – we’ll post some responses on the blog.

4 thoughts on “#770 What do you want to shoot?

  1. I’m looking forward to shooting race weekend. It’s the first year in many that I won’t be running, so I guess shooting it is the next best thing 😉

  2. it’s a great question! it’s got me musing….i’ve been having some fun with my new Olloclip for my iPhone; shooting the innermost spaces within new blooms. it’s been wonderful to explore such an intimate and unseen world! spring is the ideal time for this kind of exploration.