#773 Lucky shot

The lucky shot.

They happen more often to some people than others!

There is very little luck in a good photo. Even in timing the click. I once heard Karsh in an interview say something like “Lucky shot? Funny, It’s always the same photographers who get lucky.”

You know it’s not luck if you can reproduce the same (or very similar) photo again and again.

One of our readers (thanks Heather!) shared a link to some Lucky Shots with some commentary about luck and photography. What do you think?

What’s been your luckiest moment in photography?!

One of my luckiest moments was meeting Pierre St Jacques many, many years ago on the edge of a cliff, in the blackness of night as we were preparing to photograph fireworks. He knew what he was doing… I think we scared each other silly. Pierre was a veteran photographer who took some time to offer some advice as I was getting my business going.

Fireworks Photo

Fireworks Photography

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