#672 New Photo Classes in Ottawa

On Sunday we held a social for our Pro Program photo students. These students take photo classes, meet with me to track progress regularly and receive ongoing support by email and phone as they pursue their photography goals.

Stories, photos and support were shared over burgers at the BBQ. Smiles all around…

We have also lined up two new photo classes with J David Andrews, below.

J David Andrews photo

© J David Andrews photo

Post Processing with Adobe Lightroom Adobe Lightroom is the leading software for processing large sets of digital files quickly, easily and effectively.

Saturday, November 19, 2011; 1-5pm

$100 + taxes

Learn how to:

  1. streamline your photography workflow
  2. organize your photo collection into a searchable database
  3. process your digital files

Scanning Film and Prints to Digitize your Archive. Many people have thousands of slides, negatives and prints that are becoming forgotten memories because they are not accessible digitally.

Sunday, November 20, 2011; 1-4pm

$75 + taxes


In this photo class learn how to:

  1. Store, handle and view your original photographs properly
  2. Quickly setup and calibrate your scanner and computer monitor
  3. Set optimum scan resolution, dust & scratch filters and other parameters
  4. Use image histograms to accurately evaluate final scan quality
  5. Create and use presets to import, adjust, and label the images
  6. Apply image tags, keywords and even GPS data to create an enhanced searchable library
  7. Quickly modify colour balance, repair faded images and reduce noise
  8. Organize your digital images quickly and logically
  9. Safely backup your photo library and image catalogs.
© J David Andrews photo

© J David Andrews photo

Who is J David Andrews? What does he know about Lightroom and Scanning?!

J David Andrews is a commercial stock photographer. His photo have been published around the world by clients such as Volkswagen, Canada Post and Canadian Geographic. His work has been featured on Canada Post stamps.

He is the author and photographer of the popular coffee table book, Gatineau Park: An Intimate Portrait as well as the principal photographer of the national bestselling book The Forests of Canada.

J David Andrews book - Gatineau Park - An Intimate Portrait

J David Andrews book - Gatineau Park - An Intimate Portrait

David and Lightroom

David has been using Lightroom since it’s introduction in 1997 to complement his workflow with Photoshop. David provides his processed stock imagery to one of the leading stock agencies in the world. Masterfile has notoriously high standards for image quality. It is through meeting Masterfile’s tough standards (and many early file rejections!) that David learned to process with Lightroom for the toughest clients in the world.

David and Scanning

His scanning experience comes from many years of providing photo work to one of the world’s leading stock agencies and providing an elite scanning and archiving service to his clients.

We’re lucky to offer the expertise David offers! Contact us to register for either or both courses.


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