#673 Where’s Harry been?!

I usually post on the blog three times a week and, this week, we’re behind!!

I’d like to say that I’ve been on paddling a gorgeous stretch of whitewater or photographing an assignment in northwest Iceland or quietly relaxing.

New Web Host

But life has been quite normal – except that we’ve switched web hosts that meant we had no access to blog or email for a short time.


We switched hosts because we were frustrated with our previous host. Support was poor and performance was lack-lustre.

We called locally based Mountain Mamma and asked if they could provide a better web hosting solution for our sites. They did.

So far…

… it’s been a smooth transition with Tanya and her crew keeping us up to date on the transfer. They answer the phone with people who know what’s going on. That’s been a nice change.

Thanks Mountain Mamma!

We’ll be back to regular blog programming next week…


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