#612 Reader’s Photo of the Month

That’s done it.

We have been deliberating for a couple of days. We recently started the Reader’s Photo of the Month. We choose a photo from reader’s submissions based on the photo but also the supporting commentary.

We don’t care what specific camera, lens or how many mega-zooples your processor zapped.

We do care about your inspiration, creative process and perhaps some minor technical info.

Read the guidelines.

Send us a photo for next month’s Reader’s Photo of the Month.

Darrell Larose won top spot this month for his version of a classic – see a larger version of Darrell’s portrait:

Reader's photo of the month

Reader's photo of the month

“Inspired by Karsh’s John F. Kennedy portrait.

I always liked this study (of Kennedy by Karsh), the fact reinforced when I held this original 11×14 photo in my hand. To see an original Karsh can’t be described. For a portrait photographer it is truly holding the Holy Grail. My self-portrait was inspired in terms of lighting and the profile. I opted not to be praying but I think I got the lighting close.

I opted to replicate Ilford FP-4 (my personal favourite B&W film)

I add just a hint of brown-sepia to emulate Agfa Portriga warm tone FB photo paper.”

Thanks Darrell.

His was chosen as this month’s Photo of the month.


We liked the lighting and technical elements, inspiration and homage to a classic portrait, photographer and medium. I have a spot for film photography and although Darrell shot this digitally he tips his hat to film.

Thanks Darrell and to all the people that sent in a photo.

Please try again in May.


8 thoughts on “#612 Reader’s Photo of the Month

  1. Your skill as a portrait photographer really shows in this portrait Darrell and I like your choice of a model. Well done!

  2. This is a gorgeous portrait Darrell. You did an amazing job. It takes a lot of talent to take an excellent shot of someone else but to do your own takes brilliance. This deserves to be here! Congratulations.

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  4. What a lovely lighting this photograph has. There are a number of Karsh portraits at the Rideau Club in Ottawa. Deffinitely your light is JUST as Karsh did his photos. Congratulations, and hope to meet you some day.

  5. I was honoured to have met Mr. Karsh, and to see his original works, as his studio produced. Just like Mr. Karsh, I use fairly modest equipment and you must become one with the light!

    “Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography”. – George Eastman, While Eastman didn’t invent photography, his company certainly made it possible for more people to enjoy photography.

    I must also pay tribute to my 40 years in the Camera Club of Ottawa, and my mentors/employers, Michael Bedford and Edward Shapiro.

    Darrell Larose

  6. You’re a lucky man, Darrell, to have met Karsh in his studio.

    “my 40 years in the Camera Club of Ottawa…”
    You must have been 5 when you joined?!