#465 Royal Ottawa Hospital and Daniel Alfredsson

This weekend was the Royal Ottawa Hospital’s 100th anniversary. I have worked for them covering different events over the years.

On Saturday I covered all kinds of events at the hospital – from lectures to info kiosks to volunteers to ceremonies to the highlight of the day – an appearance by Ottawa Senator’s star Daniel Alfredsson.

Alfredsson is a star on the ice but he also shines brightly in how he gives to community. He helps bring awareness to the often “shush-ed” issues of  mental health.

When I’ve worked events for the hospital I get a little choked up (really) seeing the good work being done and the difference the people at the hospital make.

While I was working Alfredsson was very approachable and down to earth. He’s a superstar – and I am not talking about hockey.

Daniel Alfredsson celebrates Royal Ottawa Hospitals 100th anniversary

Daniel Alfredsson celebrates Royal Ottawa Hospital's 100th anniversary

#464 Pro Program Graduate Announced

It is with great pride that we announce (trumpets start trumpeting) that Nathalie Madore of Madore Photographie has graduated from the Pro Program at HarryNowell.com.

Nathalie’s start

Nathalie joined the ProProgram almost exactly a year ago. When she joined the Program she had some basic skills allowing the camera to take the shots in auto mode and some ideas where she wanted to take her photo business.


From there she starting consuming knowledge, skills and photo ideas voraciously. She learned fast. As part of the Pro Program she is required to learn technical skills, pursue shadowing experience with photographers and check in for One-on-One review, critique, and goal setting sessions.

The Result

We met last week for the final review. She has learned in one year what it took me many years to learn. I am proud of her… and envious about the speed the program allowed her to progress compared to my slow start years ago!

And Nathalie? She said:

A year ago I decided to get serious with my photography and found Harry’s Pro Program. The flexibility and the content of the program made me register and now one year later….. I have graduated.

Since I started the program I learned but it is always an on going process. I have more confidence and a strong base in photography that will stay with me forever. When I look at my pictures before the Pro Program and what I can produce now, there is a huge difference.

I am now in the process of establishing my style as a photographer and getting my name out “MADORE Photographie.” I am still exploring all the aspects of the art.

Thanks to Harry – for his teaching and all the skills and secrets that he passed on to me. I will always respect him as a photographer but even more as a great human being.

Check her graduation post on her blog (en francais).

Félicitations Nathalie!

Nathalie in action on the Pro Program:

Nathalie Madore - self portrait

Nathalie Madore - self portrait

Nathalie Mador in action

Nathalie Mador in action

Nathalie Madore in action

Nathalie Madore in action

#463 Art Walk – West Welington

A reader just told me about a fun outing on select Thursday nights:

First Thursday West Wellington Art Walk

How it works:

The first Thursday of every month take a walking tour of some fine galleries concentrated in a small and hip neighbourhood in the west end. Find photography and other art forms. Galleries will be open 5-9pm.

I’ve never done it – yet – but it sounds like a fun way to spend Thursday’s with a friend.

Read a review to find out more!

#462 Creative Fun

We have just finished two full Creative Fundamentals photo workshops in Ottawa and three individual Custom Courses based on Creative Fun.

It is our most popular workshop.


It starts with the fundamentals and builds from there. It caters to photographers from beginner to solid intermediates.

Such a range?!

Yes, beginners learn a lot and many intermediates have never learned the basics:

Many years ago I was waiting to pick up some film and the man in front of me – a self proclaimed life time (hobby) photographer – was lamenting his ‘dull’ medium format slides shot while visiting a far northern military base.

He explained the lacklustre shots were due to the snowstorms swirling while he was there. One quick peek over his shoulder told me his photos suffered from underexposure caused by:

  • his meter incorrectly reading the bright snow and
  • lack of technical knowledge to adjust for it

Creative Fundamentals teaches photography’s core elements – including the basics needed to get better exposures more of the time – especially in tricky lighting conditions.

Our next Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop is  September 15, 18, 22, 2010. The course can be taken anytime via a Custom Course.

Below are some photos of elements of the course by France Rivet of PolarHorizons.com. Merci, France!

Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop - Ottawa

Testing autofocus skills on a 'swift' moving subject!

Individual critique on the workshop

Individual critique on the workshop

#461 David Trattles Workshop

Starting later this week is David Trattles’ Photojournalism and Social Documentary Photography Workshop.

Last fall was his first session at HarryNowell.com and students loved it. I have known Dave for many years. He is a superstar with people and photography.

The first session is full and the second session – next week – is almost full.

See some student comments/photos from 2009.

Read an interview with David Trattles at Canadian Geographic.

Read Dave’s top tips for photography.

Visit DavidTrattles.com.

© David Trattles

© David Trattles