#462 Creative Fun

We have just finished two full Creative Fundamentals photo workshops in Ottawa and three individual Custom Courses based on Creative Fun.

It is our most popular workshop.


It starts with the fundamentals and builds from there. It caters to photographers from beginner to solid intermediates.

Such a range?!

Yes, beginners learn a lot and many intermediates have never learned the basics:

Many years ago I was waiting to pick up some film and the man in front of me – a self proclaimed life time (hobby) photographer – was lamenting his ‘dull’ medium format slides shot while visiting a far northern military base.

He explained the lacklustre shots were due to the snowstorms swirling while he was there. One quick peek over his shoulder told me his photos suffered from underexposure caused by:

  • his meter incorrectly reading the bright snow and
  • lack of technical knowledge to adjust for it

Creative Fundamentals teaches photography’s core elements – including the basics needed to get better exposures more of the time – especially in tricky lighting conditions.

Our next Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop isĀ  September 15, 18, 22, 2010. The course can be taken anytime via a Custom Course.

Below are some photos of elements of the course by France Rivet of PolarHorizons.com. Merci, France!

Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop - Ottawa

Testing autofocus skills on a 'swift' moving subject!

Individual critique on the workshop

Individual critique on the workshop

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