#194 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

The most recent Exposed! Photo Newsletter is being distributed as we speak.

5  Photo Goals for the New Year

At this time of the year many people set New Year’s resolutions. More carrots, less chocolate? I prefer goals!

In this edition of Exposed! photo newsletter I suggest five photo goals for any photo fan to pursue in the new year.

www.HarryNowell.com/newsletter/ photo_goals_for_the_new_year.htm
Goals helped Paul Danks win a world championship

Paul Danks set goals to achieve a world champ win.

#193 Amazing footage – flying Norwegians

One of the benefits of running a small business is control of time management. On Wednesday last week we had a long photo work day. On Thursday I arranged a morning of telemark skiing at Camp Fortune as a treat! I met up with photographers Ron deVries and Greg Teckles for a few runs.

Amazing Video Footage

Later, Ron sent me a link to this amazing video footage of some flying Norwegians – yes flying – and I don’t mean airplanes, hang gliders or parachutes. Spectacular fun footage and perspectives!



#192 Contest winner announced!

In December we proposed a photo skills contest that tested the detective work of photo enthusiasts.

Dennis from Ottawa won a live critique session. Good news as he is starting a photo business – it is always good to share views and work as it strengthens everyone involved.

The answwers:

1.Q Describe the technique, lens & shutter speed used to capture this Reykjavik home:

Iceland photo

A – This photo was taken at a slow shutter speed such as 1/15th of a second requiring a small aperture like f16. The photo was shot while walking swiftly and steadily. A wide angle lens (14mm) was used on a DX sized (ie small) sensor.

2. Q “Where in Iceland would you go to photograph spectacular waterfalls?”

Iceland photo tour

A – Practically everywhere!

3. Q “Are there opportunities in Iceland to photograph spectacular bird life?”

A YES! Iceland has some stunning birding opportunities. We will be visiting Stykkisholmur to spend time photographing birds on our Icelandic Photo Tour.

Congratulations Dennis!

#191 Iceland photo itinerary

Iceland Photo Tour

Visit the magical world of lava, waterfalls, and fermented shark delicacy (yuck) in the summer of 2009 with photographer Harry Nowell and Icelandic guide Kent Larus Bjornsson.

Iceland Photo Tour

We travel at photographer speed in the dramatic northwest of the country to avoid the trampled tourist scene and explore the delights of the arctic oasis. The Icelandic photo Tour has just been announced with preliminary details available.

Iceland Photo Safari

#190 Student Success!

Last year Valerie Wutti signed up for our Professional Hockey Photo Workshop where our students are granted media passes and access to prime shooting areas for one pro hockey game. The Ottawa 67s – a team feeding tomorrows stars to the NHL – gives our students access to shooting.

Valerie is a huge hockey fan. HUGE. She also loves photography and wanted to get more involved shooting pro games professionally. She signed up for our pro hockey photo workshop. The course opened doors for Valerie.

Valerie Wutti - Ottawa 67s© Valerie Wutti

You see, Valerie runs an Ottawa 67s fan blog posting game photos and reviews. After our course the 67s were impressed enough with her photos and blog efforts that they have given Valerie media credentials for the season. But it didn’t end there. She has developed good relations with the trainer and 67s organization and has been asked to do some special photo work.

Valerie Wutti - Ottawa 67s© Valerie Wutti

Recently, she was given access to shoot the dressing room for a photo assignment. Her photos were excellent. See examples above, printed with permission. Well done, Valerie!

Since our Pro Hockey Photo Coursecoming up again at the end of January – Valerie has:

  •  improved her photography
  • expanded her event coverage experience
  • gained valuable contacts in the world of pro hockey
  • got accredited access to games
  • learned about the business of photography

Pretty good in one short year! Nice going Valerie.

#189 Equipment vs Instruction

I met a frustrated and winded man on the xc ski trails the other night. I stopped. He explained he was an accomplished runner – often out for 4 hour trail runs in Gatineau Park. While he was exceptionally fit he explained skate skiing had him whooped within half a kilometre!

xc ski race - XCOttawa.com higly skilled XCOttawa.ca racer

High expectations

I asked more. He had just bought full skate and classic ski packages to transfer his love of aerobic running to xc skiing. He had never skiied and imagined he would just soar on skis as he did on the running trails.

Equipment vs Learning

The same thing happens with many hobby photographers – people spend thousands of dollars on equipment but neglect to spend anything on actually learning to use the equipment. For most people (skiers and photographers), acquiring skills will have a greater effect on fun and success than acquiring higher performance equipment.

I gave the frustrated skier a quick introduction to the idea of weight transfer – critical for efficient skate and classic skiing – and suggested he invest in ski instruction: xcottawa.ca or xczone.com.


It is very rewarding seeing light bulbs pop above the heads of my photo students – for most people starting or wanting to progress, instruction is more valuable than equipment.