#134 Now that’s big!

Below – an announcement about the RA Photo Club prize winner but first, a BIG announcement from Leica.

The big news:

Leica has just announced a leap forward in DSLR camera technology. The most advanced DSLR’s are trumpeting their 24 megapixel sensors. Leica has come out with a 37.5 MP SLR format camera the Leica S2. While size is only one element of many when evaluating a camera I am certain Leica’s quality reputation will seep into all aspects of the S2. Read more at PDN.

While I am not one to pay a lot of attention to technology – technology doesn’t take good pictures, experienced people take good pictures – this is a significant leap. I shoot much assignment work digitally but I have really held off investing heavily in digital until digital started catching up with some of the finer points of film. Please don’t start screaming – digital has it’s shortcmings, as does film. This Leica may be a good step in a good direction.

The RA Photo Club winners: Malcolm Taylor and Mante Molepo win a $100 gift certificate for any photo course run by HarryNowell.com up to the end of September 2009! Yippee!


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