#133 Hot water!

Jill Greenberg is in a little hot water… or is that the hot seat… or the spot light?

You see, she was asked to photograph Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain for The Atlantic. Greenberg, a democrat, did a fabulous job for the magazine and then shot some, erm, less glowing portraits for her own site – as reported in PDN.

The ‘scandalous’ move created some strong ethical debates and also got Greenberg some excellent press coverage! … bet you’ve just been to her site!

A less controversial self portrait below- experimenting with motion. Notice the background horizontal streaks. There was significant movement going on. How did I capture this self portrait?:

Self Portrait

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2 thoughts on “#133 Hot water!

  1. My guess is that the camera and you were on something (like a merri-go-round) and you were being turned (thus you in focus, the background blurred?)

    What’s your POV on the Jill Greenburg activity? I looked at some of the comments. There is an ethical issue there …

  2. I was spinning (dizzily) in the front yard with camera outstretched – camera and Harry moving at the same speed!

    My POV?!
    1. Great marketing – look at all the exposure she got!
    2. Probably not something I would do.