#135 Student success!

Recently I was hired to help a family with their photos. Mom and dad had a simple film camera and a digital point and shoot and wanted to learn to take better pictures of their young kids.

I produced a 4 hour Custom Course to teach the material of the Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop. The session covers the base material of photography at a level to help anyone improve their photos.

After the course I got an email from ‘Mom’:

Thanks Harry.  I am having fun with it.  I love the motion photos.  The kids are always running around so photos that show this energy seem much more depicting reality to me.

These photos were taken by ‘Mom’ on a simple point and shoot. printed with permission:

family photos

Better photos is not rocket science. It has little to do with camera technology and everything to do with understanding the fundamentals of photography!

Take photos, have fun!


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