#1112 Summer Photography Adventures – Custom Course Success

Recently, a past photo student called looking for help:
I understand technical photo elements but am struggling with compositions and creating photos that show what I feel when I see the scene.

A photo before her custom course:

Custom Photo Course

Photo before the Custom Photo Course – technically fine but lacking intimacy.

She booked a Custom Course and we met along the path of the Watershed project.

Within a morning session of pointed direction and gentle coaching, her photos improved quickly. They went from broad generic landscapes to alluring photos that pulled the viewer in:

Custom Photo Course

Photo taken during the Custom Photo Course.
Technically good but with more impact than before.

Her comments after the session:

What a fun morning I had in the Gats working my photographic edges with Harry.  He so brilliantly and sensitively identified my next edge to work so I could move closer to where I’m longing to be with my photos.

Bit by bit I began to discern the difference between when I’m hanging out ‘back there’ and when I ‘step in’.  I also began to see a difference in my photos, after just one session.  I learned so much in one morning.  Thank you Harry, and also for what I’ll use as mantras when I’m out there on my own practicing –  “step in”, “embrace it”.  “touch it”.”

One-on-One learning

Custom Course – Learning to see and build feeling into a photo.

Coming soon I’ll be announcing summer photo options including more custom courses (when, where and how you wish to learn), safaris and an opportunity to go on a Laurentian photo getaway.

Stay tuned.

#73 I am not old!!!

It keeps happening.

It happened again on the weekend.

I met a reader of my ‘Exposed!’ articles, blog, etc. and she exclaimed “I thought you were much older!”

Based on my writing people seem to think I am much older than my actual and youthful 39.9 years. And I am not sure why!

To show my youthful complection see some fine photos people have taken of me:

A youthful Harry

shooting a marathon

teaching a course

Self portrait from ChelseaGallery.ca

teaching motion photography


Am I being touchy with my 40th birthday looming!? Dunno. I am perplexed as to why people imagine I am much older than I feel.

Have fun. Celebrate your years,