#930 Online Photo Class – March Highlights

Online photo class

Online photo class - candid portraits - no viewfinder! © Ruben Vroegop

In March we challenged our Online photo members to some more creative and technical fun.

They were asked to spend the month exploring candid portraits… with a catch. They were not allowed to look through the viewfinder (or live view.)

That’s crazy!!

Yes, it is.

Online photo class

Online photo class - candid portraits with a story! © Danielle Donders

There’s value in the month’s challenge. We gave tips and creative support to help members produce some amazing candid portraits. See for yourself…

What members said this month:
I am having fun with this and it is a good, positive group! Looking forward to April’s challenge.

Thanks, this was a fun assignment!

I found this assignment much easier to do with my point & shoot than my DSLR. This assignment didn’t come naturally to me, I think I will make it a recurring task (monthly) to shoot a subject this way.

Thanks for another fun challenge.

I really enjoyed the assignment and as I have had a tiny bit of practice shooting from the hip I knew how hard the technique would be.  Also I was uncomfortable shooting my subjects at the start of each shoot and I got over that.  Maybe some growth? I hope I was successful!

There was a lot of success this month – based on comments, emails, and the private Facebook group, I saw people getting ahead, photographically. Member’s photos get better because they are exposed to new photo ideas and practice – on their own time – every week!

Online photo class

Online photo class - Candid Portraits shot on a dog friendly ski trail in BC, Canada! © Liz Ruddick

What’s the Online Photo Program?

It’s a monthly photo challenge designed to take photographers to a new level with a video lesson, weekly tips, support, and a private Facebook group for members to share ideas and photos.

That’s all.
Join the fun…

Online photo class

Online photo class - Candid Portraits - © Al Garner

#801 Photo Memberships @ HarryNowell.com

Our new online photo adventure – an online photo program – launches on Thursday.

We shot the first video for members – includes intro and the first month’s challenge – as possible we will be filming the videos in fun locations – the first video is shot along the Watershed route – it was a trek getting in. We were actually in the creek for the filming of the first session – it’s what was needed to get the shot!

The program helps photographers at all levels:

• overcome photo frustrations

• discover new creative outlets

• see other photographer’s interpretations

• get a chance to feature their photos on our blog


Intro Memberships run for the summer as we launch a bigger program in the fall.

Cost is $25/month for the summer $75 in total for June July August plus taxes.

Members receive emails, videos, critique, tutorials and photo encouragement all summer.

Join the fun by registering at the bottom of the memberships page.

online photography course

Online photo program

#798 Membership Questions

We launched our new adventure – Photo Memberships at HarryNowell.com. We answered some good questions!

Here is a summary:

• “How does the online membership works”

The summer introductory membership session offers regular photo learning content by email and web to help people develop their photo skills online. How? You can access the regular videos, notes, critique, etc at your pace anywhere you have an internet connection.
The best way to improve at photography is to practise regularly!
With constant new challenges, encouragement, critique and support from myself and other members online you’ll be encouraged to try new things that will help your photo skills grow.
Online photography class

Online photography course

• “What will I learn in the introductory three months at $75.00 (which is great).”

Different people will learn different things – unlike a course, membership learning is ongoing and organic – each member’s experience will be unique.

We do not have a set agenda for memberships (stay tuned for courses) but will be urging people to learn new techniques, test their limits, be inspired by others and have the opportunity to make mistakes to create better photos in the long run!

In the intro memberships we will be sending out emails with videos, notes, photos, etc. that you can watch any time. Generally we will be sending:
1. an introductory email to set up the month’s theme
2. the month’s challenge with tips, ideas to try (+ encouragement)
3. follow-up, with requests for photos to share with the online group
4. critique
Memberships are ongoing with new challenges and content every month.

• “What happens  after the intro summer memberships?  Will they also be $25 per month?”

There are two other phases to our online sessions:
Stage 2 Full Online Membership
We will be refining the memberships program with newer and more streamlined software offering a better experience for members.
We will offer a different cost structure – by the month or year. The $25 per month rate is the introductory rate!
Stage 3 Online Courses
We will be offering some of our traditional courses via the internet. Courses are finite – ie an 8 week session.
Online photography memberships

Online photo membership

• “What if I miss a week of the membership?”

No problem! For the memberships you participate as you can. You can pick up wherever you like

• “I am a beginner/advanced photographer. Is the membership right for me?”

Memberships challenge people at whatever level they are! We will be encouraging people to try new things and to do things differently! People grow at their own speed and will learn different elements based on their experiences!

Join us for the summer introductory memberships! It’s only $75 for the summer (plus tax).