#801 Photo Memberships @ HarryNowell.com

Our new online photo adventure – an online photo program – launches on Thursday.

We shot the first video for members – includes intro and the first month’s challenge – as possible we will be filming the videos in fun locations – the first video is shot along the Watershed route – it was a trek getting in. We were actually in the creek for the filming of the first session – it’s what was needed to get the shot!

The program helps photographers at all levels:

• overcome photo frustrations

• discover new creative outlets

• see other photographer’s interpretations

• get a chance to feature their photos on our blog


Intro Memberships run for the summer as we launch a bigger program in the fall.

Cost is $25/month for the summer $75 in total for June July August plus taxes.

Members receive emails, videos, critique, tutorials and photo encouragement all summer.

Join the fun by registering at the bottom of the memberships page.

online photography course

Online photo program

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