#41 Exposed!

It was a busy day yesterday with normal photo work, ski break, judging a city-wide photo contest and posting my Exposed! newsletter. I started at 9am and finished at 2am. A bit too long!

Exposed! newsletter photo:

World Cup Ice Climbing

Exposed! goes out to ~1000 subscribers around the world and is available through blogs, photo sites and, of course, HarryNowell.com. Traditionally ‘Exposed! day’ generates a spike in traffic from readers everywhere.

Read Exposed! and learn about Mary Primary and Scott Secondary.

It includes my photo, above, of the Ice Climbing World Cup in Quebec City a while back. To subscribe to the monthly ‘Exposed!’ and receive it automatically just sign up above, right!

#39 – Late night

Remember, I took off in the middle of last week to go skiing for two days? Well, Saturday was a pretty full workday and I was busy working at the computer late Sunday night.

Guess who e-mailed me at 10:21 pm and 10:45 pm Sunday eve? Two other self employed entrepreneurs with business questions and ideas. Self employed people have the strangest work hours but I do enjoy the flexibility.

Coming up this week:

  • Exposed! Newsetter
  • photo contest presentations
  • prep for upcoming courses
  • uploading of new ChelseaGallery.ca material including the photo, below, from beneath a jumping horse

I got to bed close to midnight…


Horse jump

#23 Exposed! Newsletter

My latest Exposed! Newsletter went out to subscribers late Tuesday night. It will be posted on my newsletter page in about a month. You can subscribe to receive the articles automatically by entering your e-mail at the top of the Exposed! page.

The latest article “:: What is Your Photo Worth? The Business of Photography::” starts:

“I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years. I need a real job to pay the bills.” I gasped as I received this e-mail.

I get enough questions about the business of photography that I developed and present elements of the Creative Business Seminar to college, university and private groups.

Watermarking and embedding copyright data

Update on Canada Web Hosting – I had trouble with my host as they set up a new server for some of their hosted websites at Synergy Web Services (I was told it’s the same company). They bungled and I lost database functionality, some e-mails and some data. The errors seem to be fixed – took 4 days to fix all the problems! Currently the two web hosting sites are blaming each other for the problems. I am not very happy! What can I do?

Coming up this weekend I am hosting the Event Photography Workshop – students will be shooting the Ottawa 67s sub NHL pro hockey team. It may be full – awaiting confirmation – please inquire if you are interested.

Next weekend is the Night Light Photography Workshop – a time to experiment with funky low light elements of photography. There are spots available.

Both April sessions of Creative Fundamentals are full. I took the first booking for the fall session last night. That makes me happy!

Tomorrow – I introduce my new point and shoot (blog) camera with tips on buying one.

Thanks for looking!