One Thousand Blog Posts

[Trumpets blare]
Today’s a big day.

This is our one-thousandth blog post at



Starting the Blog
I started the blog in February, 2008 on the advice of a web developer who’s now my wife.
My initial response was “Why would I do that?! Sounds like extra work!”

Five years later it’s become a fun part of my work week – sharing, connecting and hearing from our readers.

First Blog Post
Our very first blog post was a bit, erm, uncertain. I had no idea what to write about…
The posts got better (phew) and I’m very happy our readers have stuck with us on the adventure as grows and finds new adventures.

Early on in my career David Trattles told me to:
Surround yourself with supportive people.

Thanks for being there.
Without YOU – readers, clients and photo students – none of this would be possible. Your ongoing support and $business helps keep me, blog posts, photo tips, photo newsletter and workshops possible.



Harry Nowell – thank-you!


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