#998 Web Distractions

Welcome back – this collection of web distractions comes from many people (thanks!)

Good news for film!
First up Peter Handley (link opens to his course) & Dave Andrews both brought my attention to good news in the film department! Ilford is opening a black and white film lab in California based on the success of its lab in the UK. That IS good news.

Overused photo tricks
Steve Gerecke posted this fun – overused photo tricks…

• Prime Photo Tips
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Photo Tips

Photo Tip #241 Look for ways your background can support your subject:

Tips for sunset photos and drops…
Nancy Belanger found some fun photos and tips on:

Liquid Art

Milky Way photos
Carol Halls (link opens to her business) of Sutton, Qc offered us this fun Facebook page of Deep Space photos!

Photo Tip - add some motion!

Photo Tip #254 Add some motion to your photos!

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