#951 – Music Photo Contest Winner!

We have a come-from-behind winner in the Music Photo Contest linked to the John Rowlands’ Music Exhibition coming up on June 8th.

Jacqueline Barisan of Niagara Falls, Ont, photographed The Wholigans on July 14, 2012 at the Q107 Summer Bash in Toronto, Ontario and sent in the photo to the contest in the last week.

Some quick voting from fans sent this photo quickly to number one spot! Thanks to everyone that entered and voted!

Wholigans © Jacqueline Barison

Wholigans © Jacqueline Barisan

On her photo background she says:
Photography has always been a great passion to me. It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to pick up the camera again & start shooting. 

I shot a lot of wildlife & landscape … A few years back I entered a photo to Canadian Geographic & it was published…. I have had no schooling in this field but always just had a natural eye for it.

I met up with some friends one night in Toronto & was introduced to the promotions guru from radio station Q107. He invited me out to many of their shows & it was then I decided to shoot live music concerts … I feel something different when I photograph bands, I get lost in the moment & feel in control.

Currently, I have been working alongside Canadian Country Artist Chelsea Crites.

Networking, my personality & natural talent has got me this far & I hope one day to make a full time living at it … maybe I’ll get my lucky break soon I keep saying!

On John Rowlands’ work she adds:
His pictures tell a story & show his personal connection. There’s a uniqueness to the photos – his own mark …. a true inspiration to me … I would love to learn from him!

Jacqueline’s photo has won a spot at John Rowlands’ Music photography Exhibition:
June 8th, 2013 from noon to night
Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St,
Ottawa, On.

We are collecting donations at the exhibition for the Ottawa Food Bank!

John Rowlands Music Photo Exhibition

John Rowlands Music Photo Exhibition

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