#930 Online Photo Class – March Highlights

Online photo class

Online photo class - candid portraits - no viewfinder! © Ruben Vroegop

In March we challenged our Online photo members to some more creative and technical fun.

They were asked to spend the month exploring candid portraits… with a catch. They were not allowed to look through the viewfinder (or live view.)

That’s crazy!!

Yes, it is.

Online photo class

Online photo class - candid portraits with a story! © Danielle Donders

There’s value in the month’s challenge. We gave tips and creative support to help members produce some amazing candid portraits. See for yourself…

What members said this month:
I am having fun with this and it is a good, positive group! Looking forward to April’s challenge.

Thanks, this was a fun assignment!

I found this assignment much easier to do with my point & shoot than my DSLR. This assignment didn’t come naturally to me, I think I will make it a recurring task (monthly) to shoot a subject this way.

Thanks for another fun challenge.

I really enjoyed the assignment and as I have had a tiny bit of practice shooting from the hip I knew how hard the technique would be.  Also I was uncomfortable shooting my subjects at the start of each shoot and I got over that.  Maybe some growth? I hope I was successful!

There was a lot of success this month – based on comments, emails, and the private Facebook group, I saw people getting ahead, photographically. Member’s photos get better because they are exposed to new photo ideas and practice – on their own time – every week!

Online photo class

Online photo class - Candid Portraits shot on a dog friendly ski trail in BC, Canada! © Liz Ruddick

What’s the Online Photo Program?

It’s a monthly photo challenge designed to take photographers to a new level with a video lesson, weekly tips, support, and a private Facebook group for members to share ideas and photos.

That’s all.
Join the fun…

Online photo class

Online photo class - Candid Portraits - © Al Garner

#929 – New Photo Classes – Basics and Waterfalls

New photo courses are coming up.
Some basics and something more advanced.

Want better photos?

Interested in just a few quick tips on exposure and/or composition?
We’re offering some quick & dirty basics in either exposure or compositional elements.
Join our Basics Seminar!

Basics photo class - Ottawa

Basics photo class - Ottawa

Want something a little more challenging?
We’ve launched our Waterfall Photo Safari for those people looking for the next challenge.
Take the plunge – join Waterfalls!

Waterfall Photo Class - Ottawa

Waterfall Photo Class