#918 Value of Photography (& creative talent) – Three Recent Stories

Last week I read three stories about the challenges of creative business. See links below.

One is local and all are a bit worrying. They face the realities of photography ten years after the web and digital cameras became mainstream.

Since digital cameras made photography seem more accessible and the web made sourcing photos easier than ever the perceived value of photography has plummeted!

It’s been an interesting challenge to explain the vast difference between the many levels of photos and photo services offered.

And it’s been an even tougher challenge to get people to pay sustainable rates for high quality photography work. Sigh…

Some of the stories:
1. Photographer vs Big Business
Local Ottawa photographer Barbi Cameron of Barabara Ann Studios butted heads with a prominent radio station when they used her photo in a promotion without appropriate licensing. The story went kablooie (over 4000 FB shares in a week!) through social media channels.

The situation is jaw-droppingly bad!

See the post on her Facebook page.
Read another version of the story here.

2. NYC Photo Blogger vs DKNY
On our Facebook page we shared Barbi’s story and one of our readers added this similar (but slightly less bad) story of unlicensed photo usage. Another story of inappropriate photo usage.

3. Writer offered to write for free – Atlantic Magazine
A sad story of the perceived value of another creative outlet.  Thanks to veteran photojournalist, Rod MacIvor for sharing this one.

The GOOD News
From what I have seen the pendulum is starting to swing back to where it should be – people are starting to recognize good photography has costs and there is a difference in photos and photo services. Phew.

Fun video – “Pay the Writer”
I have posted this before but it is worth re-posting. Writer, Harlan Ellison discusses the value of his work. Makes me smile! WARNING – some poopy language!

#917 March’s Online Photo Challenge

Our online photo program brings a new course to your computer every month.

In March we bring members a creative challenge – capturing candid portraits without looking through the viewfinder or live-view screen.

“That’s crazy!”
Yes, it is – a little bit.

But there are good reasons and good results that come from this technique. This month we help members develop better candid portrait results.

Join the fun!

Candid portraits from the hip

Candid portrait - from last summer's wedding season - shot without the viewfinder.


#916 Online Photo Program Special Offer!!

Our Online Photo Program is maturing. We’ve run it for almost a year and have been listening to (and implementing) member’s ideas

As an enticement to try the photo challenge (and a thanks to existing members) we are offering a 6 month membership at 30% off for the month of March, 2013.

For the month of March you can sign up for 6 months of ongoing contact, photo lessons & notes, challenges, group discussion and video critique…

… all for $125 instead of the regular $180.
For photographers curious about the program this is an easy way to test our monthly challenges!
Existing members can take advantage  – adding the block onto their current membership.

Online Photo Challenge - Simple Studio Lighting - © Jeffrey Furry

Online Photo Challenge - Simple Studio Lighting - © Jeffrey Furry

What’s the online program all about?
Think of it as a new photo class every month with:
• a video lesson
• course notes
• weekly email check-in with tips, encouragement and news
• ongoing group support through a private Facebook group for Members only
• and a compreshensive video critique of member’s photos at the end of the month.

Recent comments:
“I’m happy to see that we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to take good pictures. As always, I look forward to hearing your critique!”

I questioned the cost before joining. But now that I have completed 3 months I believe that it is an excellent value.” (… and that was at full price!)

Wow, was this fun! My dining room was a disaster for days (SImple Studio Lighting Challenge!), but boy, was it FUN!  🙂

Online Photo Challenge - Simple Studio Lighting - © Maisie Ismail

Online Photo Challenge - Simple Studio Lighting - © Maisie Ismail

Special Deal offered during March 2013
Six months of Online Photo Programming for $125.
That works out to a month’s worth of photo programming for $20.83 per month – that’s a special deal only until the end of March.
The normal price is $180 or $30 per month.

That means SIX online courses for just over $20 each!

Register NOW!

February’s Photo Challenge
Last month’s challenge on the Online Photo Program at HarryNowell.com was called “Simple Studio Lighting.”

Member’s learned to explore the world of studio lighting using only equipment they had at home.

Result’s were stunning…

Online Photo Challenge - Simple Studio Lighting - © Christa Rumleskie

Online Photo Challenge - Simple Studio Lighting - © Christa Rumleskie

#915 What’s going on in photo? Check out new Photo Facebook Page

I’ve had a presence on Facebook for a while – it’s been a mix of personal and photo fun.

A short while ago we put up our Photo Facebook page dedicated to photography.

Facebook Photo Page

Facebook Photo Page

What will you find there?
All kinds of photo related material – our regular photo tips and little nuggets from the photo world…

Recently posted links to:
• World Press Photo of the Year winning photo
• Photo Tips on: exposure, aperture choice, snowy weather shooting, compositional tips
• Photo News from working photographers
• Interview of Fine Art photog, Louis Helbig’s CBC interview on his Sunken Villages exhibition
• National Geographic Photo of the Day – NYC fun
• Announcements on upcoming photo classes and events
• Photojournalism Pictures of the Year – 2012 National Nominees

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